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  1. Still awaiting help and still not in work but I'm still fighting , one of my friends family hung their self's the other day so trying to support them
  2. I see you've got an alarm " fucks me right off with the cunt nodding at the end
  3. Guess I won't be watching Newcastle untill 2023 or paying for sky
  4. Jesus Christ Ashley's or Bruce's grandkid ? Wouldn't wanna check his twitter feed
  5. I know that , all I'm saying is we had a global audience and the whole city could of taken part where sky etc wouldn't be able to drown it out, but instead people used it as a piss up to meet up with ppl they saw only yesterday 🤣
  6. No it's true we had a little army today ,where as weeks ago we had a huge army only prepared to go to the game for a good day out. Chelsea Liverpool man u all burst a gut to make a voices known we sat back as normal I know two of the most vocal in the media today was screaming and shouting joy at going to that game, while true fans have gave up season tickets for years to make a point
  7. Doesn't always work on mobile devices , had that trouble
  8. All well and good a few people went down London today, but the sad thing is you had you're chance Vs Sheffield United and they blew it when other clubs made bigger noise around the breakaway
  9. Seriously is there anyway i can use my mental health to get a house on the council? I've spoken to my doctor's a few times about my problems and not receiving any financial help. It looks like I'll be at home till I die
  10. I haven't felt a connection to an England side since the 2010 world cup ended and we then appointed Roy hogson.Fair play for making history and maybe it's due to supporting nufc too but i never felt England would get past tougher tougher Teams without some kind of luck,I don't rate Southgate in the slightest i just feel he is getting the luckiest routes abit like Brucie with late goals or Pens etc the world cup draw will be interesting. Also the fans of ours ruin it for everyone, the amount of flags out Sunday compared to the start of the tournament was like clap for the nhs look a
  11. Not going into too much detail, however i haven't been in work since December last year due to ongoing issues. And because I've saved over 16k I'm only receiving £60 to help me live/ move forward while i await help and I'm unsure when or if I'll return into work
  12. Anyone dealt with the samaritans and found them fucking useless
  13. astraguy

    Copa America

    Argentina's year
  14. Go on Rafa take them and let them have a successful enjoyable career
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