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  1. I never knew of this but I think its a great idea. When the likes of the hideous 'Mag' & NUFC Mattters or whatever its called, pretend to represent the typical NUFC fan, we need some balanced views. Many posters on here are capable of offering those, I'm all for it. I can help in a monetary sense, but my writing is awful.
  2. Jesus christ no. Pearson
  3. A certain Steve is missing from this list..
  4. Fwiw Farves odds have drastically dropped tonight aswel, Howe now at best odds of 6/1.
  5. Arsehole like the Victoria Tunnels I'd imagine after being involved with the dildo brothers that long, she's always got a weird grimace on the apprentice. Telling.
  6. Hope fucking hates Bruce good on him.
  7. Farve now favourite over the markets. Rooney dropped to 25's
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