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  1. Dunno like, I've seen Backworth golf course greens, and that's clearly the most famous
  2. Has somebody unlocked the cliques private chat and all us muggles are seeing new members we'd never heard of before?
  3. I used to make websites and ush.net had a top sites section where you could submit your site and people could vote it up, was class. Frequented ultimatebuzz as well.
  4. Hey do you like to party Harry? I feel like partying right now...
  5. Poor by willock, but at least he is attempting one of them runs from back end of last season. Still hope for him.
  6. We look clueless here mind, like really bad tbh.
  7. I agree with him tbh, as far as football goes Sevilla might as well be Barcelona when compared to Newcastle. Unfortunately selling clubs hold all the cards and we literally only have mountains of cash. It'll work for some, and others won't even entertain us.
  8. I'm positive I remember Ben arfa always going back for a another bite after skinning a player and it being fairly annoying. But he was far more effective than ASM and was a dream to watch when he was in the mood. As has been mentioned in this thread, when the ball was at his feet it was almost like that Harry Enfield skit where he glues to ball to his foot
  9. If I were them I'd just show off the player and leave the rest of the shite back at little Benton.
  10. Well that's a cheery thing to see on blue Monday isn't it
  11. Why would you honestly waste your time on that, bloke is a fat fucking failure just like his dad and a shit wum. I wanted Bruce out because he was causing unnecessary friction in the club and it seemed like the easiest win for the new owners. The Howe appointment was a bit of a meh appointment, but I was just happy to not have absolute cunts associated to my club. If we go down this season which is looking likely, they need to assess whether or not EH has shown enough in the remainder of seasons to entrust him with the promotion push and beyond.
  12. Would you trust staveley and mehrdad again to make the managerial choice? I know PIF were supposedly in agreement on Howe, but do you think they sort of just allowed AS to push on in her management of the club? I think we need the right man in place as DOF before we make anymore big decisions. We need a clear vision for how they want this club to be and allow this person to make the moves.
  13. Fair point. I personally believe joelinton has improved and Lewis, even Murphy to a degree. Wilson was enthused but his performances were a bit iffy prior to injury, although the way we were playing was basically giving him scraps to convert. If we can put some real quality in the middle of the pitch this January I'm confident we can start turning some draws into wins. EH wasn't my first choice, but he said the right things and the owners were impressed by his interview so I've tried to put a but trust In him. I'll be honest, I was so
  14. Aye, with shite instead of Jam in the middle.
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