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    Pity for the lad.
  2. To take up a move to a higher priced area before the season started as they want to refit the area I'm in for something else. Didn't take them up and they can't guarantee anything now.
  3. Suppose they get the option to move otherwise they're going to be in a standing area. I've been delivered an ultimatum on my seat in gallowgate club so the club will do it.
  4. Aye, #nufc would be shanny as fuck if they're just big formula e fans Unless sporting club Newcastle is being resuscitated!?
  5. Moshiri "Amanda I tried cashing this in at the bank but they said they couldn't take it?" Amanda "have you tried a bigger bank?
  6. Filling the private jet up with more cash and bars of gold.
  7. Football at 3pm, cocktails and gash at 6pm
  8. Jury was full of mags. Should've been deported. Hopefully that can be dealt with now and he hopefully learns from this.
  9. Brothers just vibin Also seems to re-arrange his undercarriage midway through
  10. The general consensus on here when looking at players also appears to be take players clubs supporters views as a good benchmark. I'd agree generally as they see them week in week out. But does feel like Gordon is the current poster boy for Everton's failures. Mind, we give longstaff a hard time and maybe others see differently.
  11. There is a deal to be done there, just not at 60m Don't feel like bankrolling an Everton push against relegation single handedly tbh.
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