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  1. Your internet cred is gonna take a huge hit when Brighton fans see what you've been posting mate.
  2. NE27

    Steve Bruce

    ASM is loving it, by all accounts
  3. Thought someone on twitter was promising mad shit? The alien nonce perhaps?
  4. NE27

    Steve Bruce

    He's doesn't need to answer to anyone because nobody asks any pertinent questions of him. Steve says whatever floats into his vacuous head and forgets about it a millisecond after.
  5. NE27

    Steve Bruce

    Only when you have a lovely soft voice and are clearly no use in the dressing room pre match.
  6. Is it really that weird? We were fairly decent before the internet fully took hold so probably explains why it wasn't as prevalent. I'm not old enough to have experienced mckeag etc. so if people think it was worse then fair enough. But in my nufc experience this is as bad as it gets. Our owner hates us and we literally exist to make him some chump change.
  7. It's so perfectly aligned for mass hysteria and absolute destruction for Bruce, that he will get a result and the national press will lay into us as usual. It's really not healthy for fans to be at this point, yet nobody really digs deep to understand why fans of a club would sink so low. It's certainly not an easy/fun thing to do hating your club
  8. NE27

    Steve Bruce

    He can have as much respect as he gives me, an nufc fan. That'd be the sum total of fuck all and he deserves every bit of it. Fat knacker doesn't have a leg to stand on. He could probably do infinitely better if he just didn't talk at all. Because he seems to make things worse and worse.
  9. Best hope would be to find a buyer who can get on board with a fan owned percentage. Something that gives us some say in our club and not just a token gesture. I'd happily pay into an ongoing fan fund as part of that makeup which could assist in grassroots and infrastructure possibly. Above is probably what most fans want, but the PL is unfortunately a million miles away from that vision.
  10. NE27

    Steve Bruce

    Fuck nufc, I'd ask for his shirt also. Probably get more for that shirt than our club as a whole.
  11. NE27


    I walked all day with bairns on Friday absolute no bother. Had a bad head and a bit snotty,tested positive on a lateral on night time and by end of play Saturday I felt gassed mind. Honestly thought I'd avoid most symptoms being double jabbed, what an idiot
  12. NE27

    Takeover Thread

    Literally playing out exactly how everyone imagined. The knacker will double down and the gullible LADS LADS LADS will lap it up and hop on the bus to Manchester fulla sniff. I fucking hate nufc and nearly everything associated to it now, honestly don't know why I get so worked up.
  13. NE27

    Shoe Council

    Isn't that just a way to simulate hype and push prices up? The whole market seems pretty f*cked now anyways. People paying grands for trainers. Spend a lot of time on Reddit and the rep communities out of total curiosity tbh. Don't like any of the hyped trainers such as jordans etc but enjoy reading peoples views on the market and the scrutinising of reps is insane.
  14. NE27

    Shoe Council

    Never bought second hand trainers tbh, always thought it was odd. But I'm pretty desperate tbh haha
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