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  1. Just here to echo what a few others have said. I'm 3 eps into 1899 and have no fucking clue where this is going/what's going on
  2. Papavasiliou

    Job stuff

    There's your transferable skill!
  3. "The PCS said its members working at Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff airports - whose main duties are to check passports for those arriving in the country - will strike for eight days between 23 December to New Year's Eve."
  4. Posties don't need heating anyway, they live in shorts all year round.
  5. TBF, anyone with a couple of braincells should still be on their side anyway. The offer they were presented yesterday was insulting.
  6. Papavasiliou

    PC gaming

    For me it's half that and half just not having any game really taxing my hardware still. Everything besides my 3070ti is from the middle of 2019 so I'm coming up to the time I'd usually start looking but I can't even think of any games that I really need the extra power for. Closest I've found is Darktide but that's one of those games that seems to run a bit shit on even mega systems so seems a bit pointless.
  7. Papavasiliou

    PC gaming

    That case looks lush like. I really shafted myself with my case like. Got the NZXT H510i after building one for a mate in the same case and having it come out really nice. Got myself one then ran into loads of issues.
  8. Housemate noticed the other day that we basically added £5 onto the day's electric costs when we both played a couple of hours of Darktide together on our PCs
  9. Papavasiliou

    PC gaming

    Get your rig pics out for the lads, Mike. Let us critique the cable management
  10. Papavasiliou


    Been a year or so since I tried my mates but it was super comfy and deceptively nippy. The weird top down parking view is a game changer. It's really sad that that's the thing that sticks out to me when I think back
  11. I went through the first season last week in the space of a few nights. Really didn't expect Minchin to be that good an actor.
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