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  1. Yup, bracing myself for the inevitable here. Winning bidder even messaged after to say "Amazing, thanks. Won the bid. Excited to get the card." which just feels like he's trying way too hard to convince me he's not a scammer.
  2. Selling stuff on eBay. Put my old graphics card up last week. 7 day auction with no "Buy it Now", no offers, no reserve, starting at £250. Within an hour someone messages me and says they'll give me £250 for it to end the auction then and there. Errrr no thanks mate that's not how auctions work. It's up for the rest of the 7 days with no action besides a couple of bids and no more daft messages. 15mins before it ends I get spammed with messages asking for more pictures (and one that wanted me to plug it back in, run some stress tests and send him the results inside 10mi
  3. Papavasiliou


    "Well son, now that you're 18 and legally allowed to drink we're off on holiday to celebrate somewhere where you'll not be allowed to drink!"
  4. I know what you mean. It feels a lot less like you have to rely on others when you can literally perform any role you want.
  5. I swear no matter where I am on the map people will find a way to parachute drop straight onto my head every 10 seconds.
  6. Iris is one of those songs that till now I couldn't name or tell you who sung it but I can remember all the lyrics.
  7. It's so bloody fast. I feel like everything is happening at a million miles an hour and I'm too fucking old to deal with it all.
  8. EA are so shit man Two separate clients on the PC for EA games. One of them acknowledges I'm subscribed to their "EA Play" monthly thing but doesn't know the beta is out yet so won't let me download it. The other knows the game is out but doesn't talk to the other one so has no idea I'm subscribed so I can download it but can't play it.
  9. I think the current series is a lot weaker for having Lazlo off interacting with Collin and everyone else while Nandor and Nadja faff around on their own. It's probably due to some scheduling commitments.
  10. Rayner was calling the government "Scum" the other day. I thought that was pretty fucking clear and forthright.
  11. Having watched all of Silicon Valley and AP Bio, I have no idea how you could prefer AP Bio. Silicon Valley is absolutely brilliant. AP Bio is alright but it's nothing special and definitely didn't deserve to get renewed for a second season while The Mick got cancelled.
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