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  1. There is a real danger of us going down if they don’t get it right. Desperately need someone in who can get us organised and realistically at least four first team quality players I think.
  2. The problem with getting someone like Gerrard or lampard is they’re off to a no win situation if they don’t make an immediate impact. Can be relaxed about relegation for now but if we continue this form into December they’ll have to deal with the criticism without getting arsey and I don’t think either are capable of it.
  3. Gave the ball away for the first goal and we never sorted ourselves out first five minutes it seemed like he had the beating of the right back but then just gave the ball away for the rest of the game and stayed as far away from the box as he could. turbo shite.
  4. If he was a horse, he’d be kept in some shite allotment and never ridden, because he’s too shite to be made into glue. He’d be responsible for a divorce and at least one Iva. So why is he playing professional football?
  5. This lad is an absolute disgrace of a footballer. Tiny feet as well for a big lad. Fuck off.
  6. This lad is a plague upon my mind
  7. Fuck off souness, bitter failure dickhead, we are gonna smash your beloved Liverpool into the fucking Stone Age over the long term. Up until the 74 cup final we were more successful than Liverpool domestically, and will be so again, it is inevitable
  8. Billy Pilgrim

    Isaac Hayden

    Hayden is very underrated and has a job here alongside some sparkle if he keeps it up
  9. buzzing for this, cannot wait to wum some handwringing cockney mackems
  10. Mendy is developing into a top rate keeper
  11. Woodgate played the best football of his career here and was very well received, so I don’t really understand why he’s so bitter about us.
  12. Tuchel making my day by calling us a famous club lol
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