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  1. I would take just being fully cognisant of the problems and making the effort to fix them before it’s too late tbh.
  2. We will see how bad things are on the 1st of February and go from there. They’ve got 12 days to sign 3-4 players, otherwise we go down.
  3. Need a full and honest assessment of why we haven’t been able to get bodies in the door, and for blame to be apportioned correctly.
  4. She’s fucked and deservedly so. Hitched her wagon to Boris and Brexit and spent years crafting conservative friendly messages like a star struck idiot. Now the turns have tabled and she will be remembered in history as the sycophant, human aspected squealer of the Boris/Brexit farce. in the future she will be a module at alien university, and one of their exam questions will be ‘did Laura k kill journalism in Britain’
  5. His job is to represent his constituents, not an ideology. The internet could do with binning off ideology altogether.
  6. Getting close to my ‘we’re twenty points ahead you internet fools’ tattoo here
  7. The entire Brighton 11 is 2/3 the value of a Lukaku
  8. Fraudkaku getting bullied out of the game against little old Brighton
  9. 18th of January, 2 bodies in the door, one of them Chris Wood. Needs to be better.
  10. He’s more popular than the rest of them. And he’s filled the cabinet with people who are dependent on him for their own advancement. The likes of Mogg and Dorries wouldn’t get a lick off anyone who didn’t need them running interference. I think they’ll buckle in the short to medium term, and I think they will turn to Truss, and I think she will be a total disaster who might not even win her leadership election.
  11. Yes. He is quite good with this stuff in general, which makes the discourse around it frustrating.
  12. Okay. So you want to divest long term from fossil fuels. Fine, I agree. How does nationalisation solve this? Who in the government has the expertise to develop the technology, liaise with the stakeholders, create the infrastructure, support the users and customers? How do we ensure that it operates long term when there is a change of government? What legislative mechanisms are available to ensure this? (None: Parliament can do what it wants) How do we fund it, should we fund it, do we create new sin taxes? Okay maybe we should. But which ones and who do we target?
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