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  1. Celestial intervention by Saint Rupert, patron saint of advocates and orderly billing
  2. Can one of you law nerds do the decent thing and repost that market watch article, as I’m not signing up for that in a month of sundays but need some sweet, sweet hope The blurb bit is wonderfully sterile and businessy, the sort of thing that gets men who wear suits to bed excited
  3. These fuckers could easily get relegated again if they don’t replace some of those players with improvements.
  4. You have no idea how much it will enrich our lives if Richard keys is dragged into court to pretend he doesn’t know Hoffman
  5. Everyone coming through now should at least be able to pass, dribble, control and finish with their weaker foot. The next level up is a decent cross and beyond that the natural two footers who take set pieces with either. Half the time with your weaker foot (was always my left) it’s about not over thinking it and doing things on autopilot. I could always finish or pass decent with my left foot but I’d never take a corner with it, and I wouldn’t use it if I had to hit the ball hard for whatever reason.
  6. Simon Jordan is a chancing spiv gobshite who totally has it in for us because he simply doesn’t understand the basics of supporting a big team in the north. Simon Jordan didn’t go to a school where all his mates supported either one local club or their rivals. As for Bruce, I’m starting to get the whiff of him having had enough of the job already, and would welcome any resignation, but if he has no intention of resigning the least he can do for all our sakes is stop picking fights with the fans and keep his mouth shut unless it’s to verbally fellate us.
  7. On the basis of absolutely fuck all I’m feeling positive again\ ALL THE MONEY
  8. If we do end up getting bought, it will be almost singlehandedly down to this absolute colossus preventing relegation
  9. Read the case: dunno looks not good, he just wants compo Read the takes: maybe it is positive Read the article: great it seems coordinated somewhat, positive finally Read Keith: this is doomed again
  10. Defending was beyond shite and dubs should’ve done better, had time to set himself, saw it all the way, wasn’t that hard and got a hand to it. Those are why he’s with us tbh.
  11. Imagine someone recognising you in the street because of some milquetoast take about Steve Bruce on Twitter
  12. Maybe the reason he ‘isn’t allowed to publish it’ is that it’s all conjecture and guess work alluding to vague crimes that aren’t actually crimes Fairly convinced now that Keith is full of shit, and even if he isn’t, if he had a picture of Masters and Hoffman hanging out of either end of a cow it wouldn’t move the dial in terms of getting a takeover through. I await good news from any angle, fucking sick of this circus
  13. I feel like Edwards’ level of not wanting this to happen is directly proportional to how badly I want it to happen, and therefore he can fuck off
  14. Well it is this week, and *tumbleweed* I want to believe ffs but what am I supposed to be believing in, and who? It doesn’t breed confidence when the guys who are going to save the day are ‘not a priest’ wraith, a fat ex-pat dentist who vapes on camera and another older dude who I’ve never even heard of suggest a party is happening off screen. All of these YouTube goblins meeting up weekly to discuss what? If anything happens we’ll know within minutes. Being charitable I suppose they did look into the PIF super league stuff and rubbish it but even then, the telegraph beat them to it
  15. The only thing that has me a bit suss about the Keith lad is, what has he actually been doing and is it actually in coordination with PIF and PCP. It seems beyond reality that a random fan has done or can do anything to force through a takeover by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. I watched that three amigos podcast from last week when it was posted in here and it was very much z lister talking heads being as vague as they could be while trying to drum up positivity. If there is a takeover there will be positivity. I don’t see why a pr effort to keep the fans onside affects anything to do
  16. Billy Pilgrim

    Jacob Murphy

    Fair fucks to Jacob, he’s turned it around and his little clipped crosses are adding danger. Did better than best right back in history Trent.
  17. Billy Pilgrim

    Joe Willock

    Class, hope he stays, just a shame he hasn’t had the crowd behind him the last few months as I think he could be a bit of a monster with confidence
  18. Superb today, arguably our most important player
  19. Should’ve had a pen for the Wilson goal that got disallowed. Thiago going off changed the game, they were rattled after that.
  20. A great ormond street of a hospital pass
  21. He’s so bad I’m not entirely convinced there isn’t a red mage casting stop every time he looks like he’s getting to the ball
  22. Completely hopeless, getting rid of him in the summer is objective number 1, he’s not just individually shit he makes everyone else 10x worse
  23. Lover of Ajax in his bio, cringe tit that he is. Oh Ive read brilliant orange in my 20s, therefore I am a football person, hadaway and shite man.
  24. I had a feeling that PIF would end up being involved some how with the super league set hopes to aww for fucks sakes man
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