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  1. Apparently this botman lad flatters to deceive. Starts off with edge but over time becomes obvious he is predictable and formulaic when defending against attacks.
  2. Good job Man City have a job lined up for Rogers
  3. The football league equivalent of
  4. Forums are great. If you are wrong about some narrow thing or another it drifts off into the ether and solano98 is never thought of again. But give a man a Twitter and a YouTube and let him put his own face on camera and he’s lingering outside of training grounds and losing legal arguments about selling photos of himself at a match.
  5. Has the tools to become a decent left back
  6. From everything we’ve seen so far, it is fair to say that the lad likes an accessory.
  7. I think lingard would be an excellent signing, and that he’s miles better than he’s rated on average. He isn’t a winger and he isn’t an am and he isn’t a number 10 so he has done terrible at man United overall but his time at West Ham and his England performances have proved that he is an intelligent, modern sort of interchanging midfielder who has the attributes to keep the ball, give it to more direct players around him and smash in the occasional thunder bastard. If he does come I think he will look very good feeding Wilson and ASM. When I was watching England at the Euros it was
  8. He spends a lot of a game just walking around. Which is amazing because if he’s anything, it’s a runner.
  9. The good news is, de gea is fine
  10. Over the course of his career he has spent an absolute fortune on complete shite and has zero qualms about having a player for a week and then deciding to never use him. Like I love rafa and think he did an amazing job but what he didn’t do was spend money wisely when he had it. Now for me, in our situation, I’d argue that it actually isn’t a problem anymore and that he is the sort of manager where unlimited money means he can make transfer mistakes and have zero backlash. Maybe 3 for every good signing is overboard but one of the reasons Ashley didn’t want to give him what he wanted was that
  11. Nothing in life is all upsides and the downside to Benitez is he loves spunking money on shite in the quest to find someone who can do a job. It takes him 3 signings to get it right but he does eventually.
  12. Formation would depend on who we were playing but for the most part I’d be playing with two technical forwards and at least one winger. Style would be a direct team that murders other teams for pace all over the pitch. I want everything happening at light speed. I would recruit a combination of pace lords and technical passing midfielders, and everyone has to be a bit nasty and to live for the wum like Wilson.
  13. He does basic central defender defending better than any of the others and is probably the sort of player where legs aren’t the be all and end all depending on who is around him. I feel like I can rely on him not to do something brain dead stupid and he is a bugger to get around 1v1.
  14. So far as I’m concerned he’s one of us whether he’s playing for someone else or indeed a dutchman.
  15. I feel like he’s actually better suited to a sort of Fred role than he is playing upfront. But even so the best stuff from him the last few games has been effort, pressing, winning the ball back, getting involved. His use of the ball has been on average poor to alright. I am pleased to see him putting in performances like tonight and Brentford but equally I would prefer having enough good footballers that I never had to see him. That being said he deserves credit for the shifts put in since Howe took over.
  16. Ran into the east stand at the end to give a bairn his top
  17. His best game. Made one mistake that I noticed and it amounted to nowt.
  18. Billy Pilgrim

    Joe Willock

    One paced. Really struggled to gain traction over ten yards, with or without the ball.
  19. Joelinton was basically playing CM for most of this game and did a fair job
  20. Sancho is like when a 15 year old plays Sunday league football, Alonso might as well have a nap for all the danger Sancho is causing
  21. It’s this really. I’m not being negative I’m calling it for what it is, not good enough so far. Brentford looked better than what we’ve seen previously but it still wasn’t enough to get over the line. His job is to keep us up and that’s what I’ll be judging him by.
  22. I think the answer to Ritchie and Krafth is that they think they are in the best 11, which worries me deeply. If true well, the job is fucked. If not true, what is wrong with their eyes. Only way out of this is spunking money left right and centre, doing everything possible in the training and coaching time and hoping for the best. Too many of these players were barely good enough before they were past it. The defence is chronic, slow, accident prone, bad on the ball except Schar who is a fanny. There is nowhere near enough mobility all over the pitch and about 3 nothing footballers
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