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  1. Hugo delivering one of LI's most memorable moments.
  2. Jaqen


    My mates boss told her to do this and come in the next day to work after she'd been a close contact with multiple people with covid. She didn't but the place ended up being closed after an outbreak amongst staff a few days later anyway.
  3. Jaqen


    This was based on tests done on hospital staff and key workers "Research found that the vaccines reduced the risk of infection by 91 percent in people who were fully vaccinated, meaning 2 weeks past their second dose. The vaccines reduced the risk by 81 percent in people who were partially vaccinated. “Partially vaccinated” can mean anywhere from 14 days after their first dose to 13 days after their second dose. The researchers also found that fully and partially vaccinated people who still developed COVID-19 were more likely to have milder illnesses compared to those who wer
  4. Jaqen


    Mad we've had doctors, nurses and keyworkers who risked their lives daily through a pandemic. Amazing scientists who have produced multiple vaccines that will save millions of lives and prevent health care systems from collapsing in the future. Ask the public to do their part and the selfish prick element of them have the nerve to complain they won't be allowed in nightclubs without getting it Try going to a foreign country that requires a polio or yellow fever vaccine for example to enter and cry about human rights infringements they'll tell you to fuck off too.
  5. Love Rafa but I'd get absolutely no enjoyment out of seeing Everton do well, like. If the clowns in the media and amongst our own fanbase can't appreciate how good of a job he did here that's on them. WE know, and nothing he does elsewhere will change that. He's got nothing to prove to anyone with what he's achieved in the game. The Scouse mackems will never properly appreciate or accept him regardless. I'm hoping it goes shite, he can walkaway with a good payoff and get himself a nice little gig abroad.
  6. It also states "According to the British media, the arrest of the player – later released on bail – whose personal details have not been officially disclosed for privacy reasons, was carried out by the Greater Manchester Police"
  7. Says he's a regular for his International side too.
  8. How much can get the press get away with, without actually naming someone in cases like this? I mean they've basically made him the only possible player it could be with how descriptive they've been
  9. That girl should not be owning an Akita ffs
  10. Jaqen


    To be fair nowt says freedom like 80p Vks and fingering a lass on the Digi dance floor.
  11. Have to say my first reaction after the excitement of the goal wore of was "fuck, we've scored too early".
  12. Rashford and Sancho clearly not sent on to take pens, not sure why people are saying they shouldn't have been allowed to take them?
  13. A full day of drinking before our country plays in its first final in our lifetime, after 18 months of restrictions. Of course people are going to go mental.
  14. Jaqen

    UFC Thread

    Be amazed if he fought again properly.
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