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  1. You can forgive a bad performance, most teams will have one that go on to do well. The worrying sign is how conservative the manager has our players set up. Fullbacks are clearly under instruction to not get forward much and with two defensive midfielders it's severely limiting us. We have one of the strongest squads and with 5 substitutes there's a lot of scope to change things in a game but I have no confidence in Gareth's ability to do so.
  2. Hotukdeals mega thread is good for updates.
  3. Seems the perfect balance in midfield for him to do well in. Kante with either Rabiot or Tolisso gives him so much freedom.
  4. Jaqen


    From a personal point of view there's not much I'm missing out on other than gigs/live events really. Having to wear a mask is about the only minor inconvenience but like you say we can go to restaurants, pubs, cinema, play sports etc. Nowt is that strict either, most bars I've been in are allowing big groups still.
  5. What is this questioning towards Sterling
  6. Without knowing too much about anything like this would this have been an underlying issue or just random? Kinda scary when it happens to a top athlete.
  7. Presumably they can cut away at any moment still though?
  8. Italy were impressive. Relentlessly going forward with numbers and pinning Turkey back, great pressure when they were without the ball too.
  9. Two of the other rightbacks just played in a champions League final, like. James bossed that right side of the pitch and Trippier was a key player for Atletico winning the league. Having Kane in the side it makes sense to go for fullbacks who can attack well, and have a good delivery.
  10. Think you could be overrating alot of the other squads. Other than France there's no others that are comfortably better than our own imo.
  11. Jaqen


    Nightclubs opening again too. Already seeing a lot of events sold out in Newcastle at max capacity.
  12. Saw a few vids over the weekend of fans filming themselves at home booing the kneeling with the match in shot To be honest to me it feels very much like a PR exercise and a token gesture at this point though. The original kneeling in the US seemed to be against protesting the national anthem before games to highlight how inequality,racism and police brutality was so prevalent. It was an act of defiance. Over here it feels a bit disingenuous and hollow. The FA and clubs doing it so it looks like they're trying to make a difference without having to actually do anything. There's not
  13. The car journey sounded like a nightmare too.
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