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  1. Well I just made Ronaldo my fantasy football captain, may as well get what I can from this match
  2. How could Jahiem have lied to us like this? He even said official in capitals
  3. Dubravka is great, but with over a decade since he played for us, I think it's easy to forget how consistently great Given was.
  4. Would be the perfect ending to it all, after them verbally agreeing last time, let them think the pressure has been taken off them for a week, then having a non Newcastle owning Ashley take them for all they are worth and exposing all the corruption they have overseen
  5. Isn't the arbitration about the separation of PIF and the Saudi state, while this case is saying the EPL is corrupt, which would make these definitely separate cases and completely independent of each other but both applying uncomfortable pressure to the EPL. Especially with all the talk of Masters meeting big 6 before meetings and any link they can draw between him and ESL and project big picture will just be further evidence. I could be wrong here, but if he wins this case there could be some serious implications for the premier league
  6. With project big picture and the Super League attempt multiple attempts in a year to hijack the football pyramid for their own gain at the cost of others should see massive repercussions, other wise they will be trying something new before we know it. Can't see it happening though.
  7. What's the bet that even after trying to do this, the EPL would still pass those 6 owners on the O&D test if they had to resit it
  8. I thought it was meentioned a while back that PIF/Ashley was funding them?? Or have I got that wrong? I don't think it was ever confirmed directly but it's been hinted at the whole way through that they had no concerns about funding, and so assumptions have been made
  9. wiseman

    Craig Johnston

    Read his autobiography as a kid and absolutely loved it, wish he had not turned his back on Australia though, he could've done so much for us as a country
  10. Considering that we only announced legal proceedings after the Premier League accidentally let slip, I've no issues with no information coming out. I expect almost all of this to go on behind closed doors and not be a media circus like it was in the first half of the year
  11. That's a horrid list, think Carver wins out though you could make a case for all of them. Souness is the one i look back on hate the most though, he's basically the point where the good times ended
  12. Masters has instead of attending the meeting sent the NUST an offer for arbitration instead
  13. Ashley's years in charge have been depressing watching the club lose its identity, but there was always the light at the end of the tunnel that he won't own us forever. To get this close and then have it all fall apart, not because of Ashley, but because the premier league wouldn't give the green light, we'll it's the hope that kills you.
  14. Amazing considering Rafa had literally none of those issues when he was manager. Absolute bell end Fucking hell that's lifting. So Bruce has admitted he doesn't know what to do with players except try to copy what a successful manager has done with them. Except he also doesn't know what Rafa did with them to make them work together.
  15. So when we're getting rejected by 10 people this time, after bruce gets his inevitable marching orders, how far down do we have to go before we will find another person that is willing to manage here?
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