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  1. We're nearly 26 days in to the transfer window and we've only got Trippier and Wood in. Yeah that's disappointing as it's nowhere near what's required but then you look at the this window so far and only really Villa have done anything of note. I think we'll maybe get Lingard done and not quite sure after that. Deadline day is gonna hit different this year
  2. 1892er

    Paul Dummett

    I've worked on his house before and had a bit craic with him. He's a sound lad to be fair and he was on about his injuries. He was basically saying he was going to cut the drink out and give it one last crack at overcoming his reoccurring calf injury and then if it comes back at least he knows hes done all he can Hell of a house mind.
  3. 1892er


    The fewm must be incredible. The majority of both sets of fans revel in the misfortune of their rivals but to be that obsessed takes some level of commitment. It's absolutely class. We don't even need to wind him up. NUFC's very existence makes him angry every day
  4. One thing you can say is that he never shrinks or shy's away. He's just always going for glory and sometimes that doesn't have to be taking on 5 players, cutting inside or shooting. A simple through ball or side ways pass every now and then would improve him no end.
  5. Needs to know when to just pass. But as others have said he's that wild card that can play bad yet score a winner.
  6. 1892er

    Kieran Trippier

    Quality player. It's nice to have a player within the England fold as well. Been a long time since we had that
  7. 1892er


    Seeing us offer in excess for £20m a player now must cut them deep. Like really bad.
  8. 1892er


    My god. They are fucking pathetic haha. Never changed Sunderland.
  9. 1892er


    I was just thinking this myself. I've never known a fanbase turn on each other so much. Their desperate need to be better even extends to competing with their own fans. They are truly a weird breed like.
  10. 1892er

    Chris Wood

    I'd be happy with Wood if he was mainly on the bench next season. I think he's a decent / good striker that would be a good option to bring off the bench in the long term. Hopefully in the short term he can bang them in and keep us up.
  11. Hopefully he's got great Ekitike
  12. Not this season but my concern is filling the squad with players that can't cut it at the top level on 3/4 year contracts and then having to shift deadwood again.
  13. I know it's January and it's notoriously hard to sign the players needed but when Staveley was coming out after the takeover and saying the aim is to win the Premier League, I'd like to think we are aiming higher than Cantwell and Wood like.
  14. Were we schooled? I saw a questionable offside goal for them and very little else. I did however see over hit passes, misses from 6 yards, 2 disallowed goals and a great save at the end there.
  15. Agreed. The players are absolutely hopeless. The fact we have absolutely peppered their goal with shit quality speaks volumes for me.
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