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  1. Or…. it’s just another story in another newspaper by another journalist who actually knows fuck all and is piecing together stories to sell papers. There’s some incredible overreactions on this forum 😂
  2. He wasn't... it sounds like (according to the Twitterverse) that paper shrapnel that comes out sideways from blank is potentially very dangerous if the person is too close, and that's likely what has happened. Dreadful for the poor girl who died obviously, but feel very sorry for Baldwin too. That's a hell of a lot to live with.
  3. The statement earlier reiterated that we’re looking for a head coach.
  4. I know. I had the pleasure of meeting him quite a few times. Genuinely lovely guy. Know one or two people who know Bruce and say he’s a lovely guy. I have no reason to doubt that. Sadly, being nice doesn’t win football matches. Else McClaren would have won us the league.
  5. Delighted that he’s left, for footballing reasons. An obviously poor manager, a poor tactician, and all round failure. But I wish him well. I do think he probably is a very nice bloke. He’s not remotely at the top of my dislike list of those associated with NUFC in the last few years.
  6. Eh…he definitely didn’t win the Serie A like 😁
  7. Name spelt wrong in the title 👍
  8. Roeder wasn’t involved with our first team day to day. He was youth development before he stepped up. So it was a fresh face.
  9. He couldn’t do any worse, sure, but I don’t understand how putting him in charge would give the players a lift. He’s been there for months and they’ve been shit.
  10. I think the problem is, and I agree with it, I don’t think there’s any confidence that Graeme Jones would do any better of a job. Let’s be honest, apart from that slight upturn in form earlier this year, his tactics (which we have been playing) have been woeful. The owners quite clearly want a complete break. A fresh start. And it’s taking time to find the right man/team for that. We’re just going to have to have patience and trust in them making a good choice on that front. I personally think the result would be no different if Jones was in charge on Sunday, so sacking
  11. You despise Lampard and Gerrard? 😁 I always find that hilarious.
  12. You really are relentless in your negativity aren’t you? 😁 Do you not understand that the club has literally ZERO footballing executives in place? They have owned the club for 10 days. Bruce IS leaving. They’re just getting things aligned. Things aren’t always as simple as making things happen immediately because Twitter says it needs to. Just have some patience (and trust) man. You’re working yourself into a frenzy over something you have no understanding of.
  13. Need to do something about the stadium PA. Sounds like utter shit, waaaay too loud / harsh (at least in the Milburn stand)
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