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  1. I couldn't believe how poor the football was. The first half was like watching two pub teams. Lincoln were dreadful and I still can't comprehend how they managed to make the play offs. So it shows you how rubbish the mackems are.
  2. Yet we were "flying". It got pretty nervy, be honest.
  3. Exactly. The Bookies had us favourites not long back, so to say relegation was never on is talking rubbish.
  4. I get your point absolutely. However, there are too many brain dead fans (sheep) to grasp what you are referring to.
  5. Is anyone playing well? This is shocking from The Toon.
  6. Rod


    Exactly this.
  7. Rod

    Paul Dummett

    Nowt gets past him!
  8. It'll be the bullshit about how no one else could do a better job. Even his Soccer Saturday chums have turned. We have played like this most of the season. The spineless shithouses on Sky Sports can go fuck themselves tbh. We played like it last season too. Unbelievably true. If we uneducated deluded fans could see it, how come the so called "experts" and "professional pundits" couldn't see it? It absolutely stinks that the press and media publish the shit about Steve Bruce. It is all lies and somebody needs to address this. Even the bullshit about Bruce being a "
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