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  1. He showed me the picture as well and it was shit. Strange old world.
  2. I don’t pretend to understand it but couple of my mates made a couple of grand each of those NFT’s. They apparently paid £200 to go into this draw thing and you will get a NFT but you won’t know if it’s good or shit. They hit lucky and I am sure sold it for about 5k. It’s absolutely weird but with VR it’s going to become a thing.
  3. To be fair that Sean Casey isn’t Burnsie though he does Ed also talk shit. He actually went on a Newcastle YouTube channel talking about NUFC rumours and it is actually him in his Twitter profile.
  4. Definitely. Even if we get 2 centre half’s and another striker it’s no good having a weak as piss central midfield
  5. I keep getting the Do The Bartman song going through my head for him
  6. Now lost on this thread. Botman’s sister who may not even be real and the something happening in the 12th January which I can only assume is a rock concert with Death Leopard
  7. Why would he need to isolate?
  8. This 100% why would they let him know what’s happening
  9. No that’s not what we should aim for but also means it will be harder to get top managers.
  10. We are 2nd bottom of the league 6 points from safety what do people expect?
  11. Also Hope is on his way down to London for a meeting with Staveley so he will know.
  12. I stuck a tenner on him this morning after getting the tip off wish Inhad stuck more on now. Was only 2/1 like but was then going to use my £60 free bet on him but that didn’t come through in time.
  13. Aye whatever. That’s just Luke Edwards trying to be a prick.
  14. It’s Emery, Keith pretty much had it confirmed by the consortium this morning.
  15. This plane is just about to land at Newcastle https://aviapages.com/aircraft/g-ulfm/
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