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  1. Lee Ryder has spelt his name as Hayden Isaac, Issac Hayden and Isaac Hayden in the last hour...
  2. How does our current process work in full? let's all brainstorm read about a player on this forum, youtubing, writing down his name in a jotter, texting the parent clubs club-shop, email about monitoring, enquiring, checking club bank balance on app, ask mike, 1st bid faxed, bid instantly rejected, hearty laughs and eyes rolling in disgust, 2nd bid faxed with a few extra emoji symbols added.... Where does 'Send Alan to chat up their mother' fit in?
  3. Lee Ryder just tweeted that our match is at 3pm on Saturday 4th, whilst the mackems match has been moved to 2pm on 5th. I want to book a train on this basis, but not going to until I see confirmation elsewhere!
  4. An away day at The Stadium of Light (original version!)
  5. AndersonButler

    Peep Show

    9th apparently Really looking forward to this, not on tonight though?
  6. AndersonButler


    Says this in the FAQs 3) How do I manage my devices? With Sky Go you can register up to two devices per household and watch on both at the same time. Your devices can be any combination of PCs, Macs, iPhones (3GS/4/4S), iPod touch (4th Gen) or iPads. If you’d like to change your registered devices you can do so once a month. For more information on how to manage and register your devices, or if you have reached your device limit please visit our Technical & Device Specifications Help Section. To see what devices you currently have registered, visit Sky Go's online Manage Devices p
  7. I've just turned off the view signatures option coz I got sick of seeing those daft dolphin tits swinging on the monitor after every one of your posts. What a relief. Had no idea you could do this, you sir, are a legend.
  8. I'm trying to get train tickets booked for the Stoke match on 21st April, I've been stung once already this year by a late change of fixture. Is it safe to say this fixture won't be moved?
  9. Seems to be non life threatening and as actually left hospital.
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