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  1. RS


    RTG is predominantly made up of nonce loving racists. And to be fair to Teddy he doesn’t come across as a racist.
  2. RS

    Anthony Gordon

    We’re long overdue signing 80’s style pug-ugly footballers. He’s right up there with Jo Allon for me
  3. We don’t struggle as much with injuries when we have proper coaches! Rafa didn’t have as many issues as our PFM managers. We are looking tired nowadays though. To be expected due to lack of squad rotation options.
  4. RS

    Anthony Gordon

    He’s got a whiff of Robbie Savage about him.
  5. Appreciation for his pre-match love hearts! Oh, and both of yous!
  6. RS


    Kuol. Prem reject. Never even kicked a ball for us he was that shite.
  7. No signings as it will strengthen the team when PIF are planning to sell us for their pursuit on Man U? Worrying.
  8. I’ve got Thatcher in that role for a polar opposite reason.
  9. Palace fans have a decent percentage of your Typical England following racist fucktards. Point proved yesterday.
  10. Probably need to have sanity check at where we’ve got to so far. Massively over performing team. Understandable that our energy levels are dropping. We’re still doing magnificently all things considered.
  11. Nervous about this one for some reason. Has felt like our energy levels have been on their way down. Nowts each.
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