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  1. RS

    Toontastic Forum

    Nufc-forum was alright back in the day but that died a slow painful death in the end.
  2. RS


    That tower block is grim as fuck. Similar design to the recently demolished maisonettes in Battle Hill but on steroids Accidental Brutalism.
  3. RS


  4. She’ll be in someone’s pocket. But if more of Boris’s piss-ups come to light it won’t be needed!
  5. Without doubt the greatest transfer rumours window we’ve ever had.
  6. Fuck me. Get a load of the forum Simon Cowell’s!
  7. The £100m sponsorship of the friendly game will be welcome.
  8. Have you seen us play @Heron? The team is full Of defeatists. There is no belief in this squad. It’s almost a surprise to them if we score. The 2 signings won’t save us and it appears the club is so damaged due to Ashley’s tenure nobody wants to come. Most of us have admitted to the fact that it’s odds on we’re going down.
  9. Impossible. We are absolutely dog shit.
  10. Might get called to the embassy for a “meeting”
  11. Cristian Wakeford’s defection has galvanised the tories to back Boris. Proof if it was needed about their priorities and morals. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-60062913
  12. Ashley’s not the owner. That will do.
  13. RS


    First Bathh of the year for some of that lot.
  14. You’ve spelled artistic wrong
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