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  1. Like watching pardews latter nufc. Totally bereft of ideas
  2. Is Sourness being filmed through one of them filter apps?
  3. Gives us something to talk about in this thread. Because the reality’s is there’s nothing else to talk around.
  4. It’s 50-50 at best that Ashley will win and then we have the risk of PIF no longer being interested. I’d say that means chances are less than 50-50
  5. Why would they? They don’t own a club and unfortunately there’s probably less than a 50% chance that they’ll ever own us.
  6. Because we’re all basically bullshitting about what’s really going on. We haven’t a clue and in all reality we could be in September reading about Bruce’s injury crisis plunging the club into a relegation battle just as much as we’re waffling on about rumours and Twitter pics of shops and barriers meaning the takeover is close.
  7. It’s close. Saudi Human rights atrocities being posted on bbc front page. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-57492219
  8. It does feel like perhaps the barriers are coming down. If only we had a sign………..
  9. Chronicle reads this thread: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/very-confident-mike-ashleys-confidence-20819563
  10. “seems more interested in knocking down and rebuilding his house in Manchester” True. I’ve seen the plans:
  11. I think better news would be charnley being told to Look for a new job
  12. wu meyt not have an airport marra bur at least wiv gorran airshow
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