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  1. My toes curl every time he’s interviewed. He’s as thick as a divers boot. His vocabulary range is about 30% of an average human.
  2. Absolutely nothing positive about recent events. WhitleyPark bringing nothing to the straw clutching posts says it all. Bury the fucker, it was fun while it lasted.
  3. Like a scruffy old mongrel dog being ran over by a car. There was a chance super vet could have came in and saved it but the police wouldn’t let him attend the scene. Now I just want it put down.
  4. He’s spending PIF’s deposit. Will still be millions up
  5. Ginger/finger. Slim shady will be fucking raging at that.
  6. We all know that the club will have tried and failed to pull a fast one. Keegan/Jonas was enough warning that there’d be an element of chancing their arm again.
  7. Looks like it’s about the compensation not the sale anyway. Guessing Saudis haven’t disclosed what was required to be disclosed.
  8. Not in the diary. https://www.catribunal.org.uk
  9. Hope they checked there wasn’t a tripping hazard caused by the laptop power lead before they typed that.
  10. Chances are we won’t be part of the PL next year anyway.
  11. Imagine the emotions of Whitleypark man:
  12. PL have played a fucking blinder. That must have been their goal. Sickening political shenanigans. They couldn’t give a fuck about our club or support.
  13. Just spotted a Greggs truck go past
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