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  1. He's always on about food.
  2. I didn't even know we/they had played either, i thought people were on about the Doncaster game or something
  3. That's why i'm a bit encouraged, having a go at him in a friendly is a good start at least. Not that anyone should even be at the matches like, but if you are, at least do something.
  4. At least it has already started in pre season though, let's not forget these same fans were singing Brucey give us a wave a couple of pre seasons ago. I don't think it will get 'nasty', what does that even mean, someone running on and confronting him? It won't be comfortable for him though. It's the only thing to be mildy interested about.
  5. I hope we lose every game and he starts crying.
  6. He is the total opposite of Rafa in every way.
  7. Is he really this thick or is he just taking the piss?
  8. ToonArmy1892


    That was after his racist outburst like, if that's what you meant. 76 that.
  9. ToonArmy1892


    But what % is enough, in your view. I think it's 88% at the minute.
  10. ToonArmy1892


    Not really any point in debating it any more, just going round in circles, everyone has their own stance on it. If people think i'm killing grandma then that's up to them. One question, were people really expecting a 100% takeup of the vaccine? Obviously that was never going to happen, so what % do people think is "safe". Bearing in mind the UK has one of the best take up rates aswell.
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