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  1. That's because no other examples exist @OpenCI thought you hated Worms? Speaking of Worms RPG... I just caught a Worm from Worms in Monster Sanctuary
  2. I've completed every Shovel Knight campaign mind. Because a well designed level is better than a procedurely generated one. Hot take: Procedurely generated levels are not fun, and due to their nature, not well designed.
  3. I usually quit it after a particularly difficult section. Worth going back to it though!
  4. Staying on the theme of Knights... Shovel Knight is a fantastic 'indie' that emulates the megadrive classics and in some ways does things better.
  5. @Pata Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a spiritual successor to Castlevania and it is great. Well recommended if you like the 'vania' parts of metriodvanias! Love the open world vs linear discussion. I think open worlds can be good, but for the most part are just lowest common dominator for AAA and have lazy implementation. Much prefer a well crafted linear experience. Give me a new Uncharted over a new GTA any day.
  6. Agreed! Specifically the Ubisoft version that they now shoehorn in to everything. Side quests in general are tedious, so what makes the Witcher one's so great? Saying that, I liked HZD despite being open world. Finally, if triple A games are bad (generally agree), what game these days are good? What's worth playing? This is a hot take! How do you define indie vs proper? I feel like we could find you an indie game you would like. StarDON'T Valley is right. What is up with the popularity? The console version I tried didn't even have co
  7. A lot of them are aimed at male teenagers, and all that goes along with that... some are so egregious I just can't get away with them. If you've grown up playing them it's a lot easier to be forgiving of the tropes and enjoy them for what they are. There's some good 'uns! It can be quite difficult to recommend one to someone without any kind of familiarity though. This game is available to play on every electronic device that exists, and I've never played it. Have nowt against it, just never been interested.
  8. Inspired by a recent Persona 5 discussion where some posters were right and others were wrong (you decide who ), let's dedicate this thread to your own personal gaming opinions! Nay toxicity or arguments here, just share your preferences and some good old fashioned hot takes to generate discussion. Think gaming has gone down hill since the commodore 64 days? Think JRPGs are for squares? Think you could go pro on rocket league if you just had the time? This is the thread for you! Here's some takes to get the ball rolling: Roguelites/roguelikes are
  9. Feel exactly the same, I see no appeal in the newer ones. Like @Tomato Deuce I loved Black Flag when it came out, so I recently played Unity rather than level up loot in ancient Egypt. Unity holds up. It was fun and looks fantastic. It got panned when it first came out, particularly on PC due to all the glitches and bugs, but it's alright now. If you need to scratch the Creed itch without playing the newer iterations, I'd give it a go!
  10. On form? Can't think of a more exciting toon player. Genuinely thought when he got the ball there was the potential to take on the whole opposition and score. We know his mentality and other qualities aren't on par, but in terms of close control and excitement? Easily up there with Messi for those specific attributes.
  11. Guybrush

    Comic book stuff

    There's no need for an origin story like. Everyone going to see that movie knows who batman is. The Marvel Spiderman did this right. Knew the origin story had been seen and heard by everyone and just started the story.
  12. Just finished Travellers on Netflix. Love a low budget sci-fi drama with a compelling premise. Shame I did the now standard 3 seasons and done thing that Netflix just loves to do.
  13. Didn't the Tortellis get done for stereotyping in the 80s? The 80s! There were so many ways Fraiser could've gone wrong, but the jokes and physical comedy remain excellent. Some emotional beats too! I guess Martin replaced the cast of Cheers as the working class viewpoint, and then they made Niles the Fraiser to Fraiser's Fraiser . Now, does anyone remember Joey? Now there's a spin off you could see doomed to fail.
  14. One of the few great shows with a great spin off. Love me some Fraiser.
  15. Ah yes, the actions of an innocent man who during his tenure was clearly looking out for the clubs best interests.
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