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  1. number37

    Daft questions

    Stalin's death made for a funnier film, Hitler's more dramatic. Hitler is more of an icon, Stalin a legend. Stalin continues to have a usable firstname, Hitler not so much. Both loved a good purge and both became leaders of countries not natively their own. Ultimately, I think I'm going to have to go with Gori's favourite son, Mr. Joseph Stalin because if you're commiting to a moustache then I've always favoured and respected the full Selleck, as it were. Of course I admire, as we all do, Hitler's precision and determination in maintaining the Chaplin, I just think
  2. So he was an amazing singer but doubted covid restrictions and climate change. Maybe two out of three is bad.
  3. number37

    Football pet hates

    Then there was Rolando Aaron's. Maybe extenuating circumstances with autocorrect but no, not really, doesn't make it hurt any less.
  4. number37


    Currently freezing my arse off in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - love it so far! On the covid-front, mask wearing on the subway and inside public spaces is pretty much 99% and to eat/drink inside you have to prove you're vaccinated (they accept the NHS pass), which is great. Does anyone have any good tips for places to see/things to do?
  5. number37

    Football pet hates

    As a bit of a segway into a potentially daft question, do Rodgers and Hammerstein (or their estates) get a slice of the action each and every single time?
  6. The King's Man. I really, really enjoyed it. It's not often I get to see a First World War-era film so I was fairly sure I was going to love it and I thoroughly enjoyed the first Kingsman (will never, ever watch the sequel) and so I kept away from reviews. I was initially just expecting it to be a Kingsman film but just set in 1914 but it's actually so much more and I loved it for that, some genuine moments of surprise and the story was great - it's hardly the Godfather but it was nice to have a bit of substance rather than all out action. One of the main characters is called Shola, too, which
  7. number37

    Chris Wood

    Maybe it's for the best because we all know what happened the last time a private plane was involved with Burnley...
  8. number37

    Chris Wood

    It's a very pragmatic signing and the comparison to Daryl Murphy is accurate, in my opinion. If he scores a few goals that stops us from being relegated then it's money well spent because that's what we need.
  9. Just different worlds, that's all. Very different worlds.
  10. Just to clarify, it's the guy on the left that we're after? Not sure the other one has what it takes to be our mane man.
  11. I'm quite liking this new negotiation tactic, if the press are to be believed. Go in high first and then decrease.
  12. number37


    That Michael Gove-looking President of Serbia is acusing Australia of persecution. Serbia
  13. He's a British national so would only need the 2 day PCR right now, wouldn't he?
  14. number37


    Be great if Monaco and Spain, where he owns houses, introduce laws overnight requiring vaccination for entry for non-citizens. Serves him right for thinking being a dick is a legitimate exemption. Be the only thing he'll be serving for a while.
  15. So that would be three de Jongs to make a right?
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