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  1. Such barbaric people and culture, far below the white people and culture....
  2. So sportwashing is working then... so it's inevitable for thousands of NUFC fans defending Saudi online then
  3. But I really do believe that you (white) are far superior than me (brown)
  4. Btw, as brown people myself I do believe white people are far more superior than any races. Clearly your culture and value are far more superior than any other culture and value on earth.
  5. Well, I think it down to "superior white" mentality. The worldview that see anything that different from white culture as barbaric, backward, etc.
  6. I stand by this... and I like to see rawk meltdown
  7. The privilege of being born and raised in third world country full of hardship etc: I don't care any of those things. My life already choke full with personal issues/problems that I really don't have any energy left to worry about problem that far away from me in another country. I support NUFC to forget about my problems not to add another.
  8. Some rumours say that Benitez had NUFC takeover clausul in his contract
  9. veriaqa

    Joe Willock

    He joined a club that maybe he thought as a stepping stone for his career. Then a few months later, BAM, it turns out he joined the richest club in the world
  10. when NUFC finished 6th the first time.
  11. PIF are worth 700 billion according to The Times. Seven hundred billion.
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