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  1. Next SaturdayThe London Geordies (Hanwell Town) play The Fleet (Ebbsfleet United) in the FA Cup. Not sure Ebbsfleet Utd, other nickname seemingly The Reds, are linked to NUFC/the North East in any meaningful way. Potentially even more confusingly, The London Geordies are playing The Magpies (Dorchester Town) today. (Both home strips B&W stripes).
  2. Coffee_Johnny


    Southgate really seems like a Forest manager. He does, don’t ask, I don’t know why 🤷‍♂️
  3. Shelvey, Targett, Bruno (and new flair up), Maxi, Isak, Anderson—feel like I may be missing some—all picking up injuries. Mostly muscle-related. Is there a problem with the whole ‘intensity is our identity’ approach? Any manager would want the fitness possible team, but is he pushing too hard?
  4. Not sure about Thauvin, but I’d add Tomasson and Toney to the list. And wish Sir Les had stayed. Oh! Plus Milner, and Wijnaldum.
  5. Not enjoying unpredicted side effects of giving a shit again. Namely injury-related palpitations: IRP Syndrome, it’s a thing.
  6. Nice touch. One of the few/last one club careers.
  7. Even I could do 10m quicker than that 😉
  8. Hope on the pitch is the best place to pick up noise from all sides. Guessing you really need a low roof extending close to pitch size for best acoustics. Must be a known issue and hopefully any new stand, or even ground, developments take that into account as much as capacity and aesthetics.
  9. That’s a busy fifteen minutes!
  10. Have a pie and a pint, mate. You’ll be reet 😉
  11. 🎶 Murdryk, Murdryk! So good you praised him twice. 🎶 (Thought I’d get in early with a song—just in case… .)
  12. You’ve shown great restraint not to put that particular page to use.
  13. What a night! Twenty five years!! 😐
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