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    Who's ill?

    I don't think I've ever had such a sore throat, it's been horrific. Didn't realise it got that bad
  2. OpenC

    Who's ill?

    I get it all the time anyway with my asthma and shit lungs, can do without getting it more often definitely Not even being able to breathe in properly man
  3. Great goal like Love the shamelessly partisan commentary as well, who's that with the What A Beauty at the end? If Sunderland had scored that they would have been convinced that the eyes of the world were upon them and they were just about ready for PSG
  4. OpenC

    Anthony Gordon

    I do love a debut absolutely full of promise, mind looks like he could be fucking fantastic.
  5. OpenC

    Who's ill?

    Mine isn't quite as bad as it was a few days ago tbh, had got to the point where I was seriously considering carrying a cup around to drool and spit into rather than trying to swallow, and it's now only really uncomfortable rather than actively, wince-inducingly painful. I'm essentially deaf and I look like a fucking vampire with gigantic puffy conjunctivitis red eyes and pale yellow pus dribbling down my face the whole time like so not out of the woods yet
  6. OpenC

    Home music recording

    This is a real issue for me also constantly watching the first 30 or 40 seconds of videos that are like 80 minutes long. Generally get as far as "hey guys, today we're going to talk about sidechaining compression to really make your kick drums stand out.." before deciding that I can do without sidechaining compression and maybe I'll just turn the kicks up a bit instead absolutely understand the importance of the principle, absolutely cannot be fucked to learn how it's done
  7. Aye, always been vaguely weirded out when other countries talk about fruit or vegetable meat. I guess whatever word they all had in common a thousand years ago probably just meant 'food' or something like that. Where do you stand on just a short and simple 'with bits'? Obvious what it means? Objectionable in any way?
  8. OpenC


    * drawrin', not lewsin' any more
  9. OpenC


    Aye, they'll win the lewsin' no doubt
  10. OpenC


    They're cheytin' Marra, can't live with Sunlun as a footballing side so cheytin' pyuwer and simple
  11. OpenC

    Who's ill?

    My lass is just coming out of it after about four weeks. Was clear when I got the sore throat what it was going to be but the doctor fucked me off for antibiotics despite that so I'll just have to languish over the weekend and get back to them
  12. Was the bit in here to represent Bit or Bite? I assume it's no longer a thing
  13. That being the case, I just don't understand the disdain for something being described as with, or without, bits
  14. Is bits commonly used to describe small pieces of things over there? Genuinely don't know
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