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  1. It's just a way to try and simplify something which isn't simple. Relying on that sort of generalisation goes a long way toward explaining why (some) people get so bewildered that the country/world appears to be so contrary to their own politics (IMO).
  2. I have it filed alongside "snowflake", "karen", "sjw" et al. Completely unhelpful pigeonholing which serves only to reinforce stereotypes and degrade debate
  3. S9 would have done me for another few years if I hadn't dropped mine. Battery was the only issue I ever had with it, it wasn't that great even when it was new. This Pixel 5 goes on forever by comparison. Phones have been Good Enough for ages now.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jun/08/norway-to-conduct-cruel-minke-whale-tests-despite-opposition Restraining whales and making them listen to unpleasant noises to see how whales respond to unpleasant noises I would have thought that observing the whales not going where the unpleasant noises are would be enough of an indicator as to whether it affects them
  5. OpenC


    I spoke to my doctor on Wednesday (unrelated to the covid) and was told I was probably 11 weeks from a second dose. I got an invite on Friday, and I'm in next Friday for it. Something's definitely changed.
  6. No indeed. He needs a poll tax equivalent, a stalking horse and a credible and popular alternative. I can't see him going on anything other than his own terms any time soon, unless Honest Dom can do any more.. but I reckon people are starting to realise that no matter how much they want to believe everything he said and will say that ultimately he's just a monstrous cunt with no honour and an axe to grind
  7. that sort of thing is what I made this thread for
  8. And not enough consoles have been built or sold for them to release at £70 and be sure of game-starved early adopters lapping them up
  9. OpenC


    Free Trade is still closed I think
  10. That was so much better, like. IT'S HEADING STRAIGHT FOR RIYADH oh no, it's gone to Bulgaria instead. Miss those days
  11. Doesn't really matter what we think, though. If the organisers and the press didn't think it was important then this whole sorry episode with Osaka wouldn't have happened. Again, I agree with you of course
  12. Aye, this is pretty much the top and bottom of it
  13. I feel like we've done this before and HTT and Greg in particular would say your brave van man was in the wrong but other folk approve I approve, like. My dad used to deliberately drive in the middle of the two lanes to stop folk in German cars* from jumping the tacit queue, blasting to the front and bullying their way in I think that ultimately HTT and Greg were probably right that it was more efficient to use all of both lanes when both lanes were available but it's just so tempting to form up the gap between you and the car in front and not let folk in who have 'skipped'
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