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  1. Buy the pallet and sell the rest as single tiles to other folk tbh
  2. Same naming convention is fucking ridiculous
  3. The one in the DLC? No, that's as far as I got last time and I didn't try him again this time. Servers are really busy mind, so it might be time to give it another shot.
  4. Dark Souls 3 I'm going to give it a fair run and judge it entirely on its merits, now that the whole series is a bit long in the tooth. It was received, probably by me too, with a bit of a weary shrug at the time and a lot of people felt it was really just a From greatest hits package. I haven't played it through since the first time so this replay was a long time coming. First up, it looks and sounds great I think. I've only ever played it on a stock PS4 so only seen it running at 30fps but the framerate is good enough, and consistent. It took the world enhancement
  5. OpenC

    Random thoughts thread

    The leaves are good too but you're right
  6. OpenC

    The weather

    Basically all of the forests around here (Rothbury way) are now fairly well entirely inaccessible due to fallen trees over all tracks. This has been a hell of a storm.
  7. OpenC

    The weather

    Thrunton Woods looks like there's been a nuclear blast. Absolutely insane amount of damage. The woods where I walk my dogs are only three or four miles from the weather station that recorded the 98mph gust and it's absolute carnage there as well. Hope it all gets replanted with more interesting broad leaf trees for future generations rather than the rows and rows of cash crop spruce it's been for decades now. I've just got my internet back in the last half hour. Flat roof from the back of the house still MIA and can't run the boiler until it's sorted since the flue went
  8. OpenC

    Your pet hates

    Unrelated to the actual conversation being had, and more related to 'my uncle thought he was Saint Jerome', but
  9. OpenC


    I find it fairly painless if you just turn off all your search history and don't allow it to track anything at all (if you believe them when they say, 'your search history is turned off", anyway). There are still plenty of times I wish for an open source alternative so I know exactly where you're coming from but the things that Google are genuinely better than anyone else at (generally maps tbh) are difficult to replace; that's always the bit for me that makes it impossible.
  10. OpenC


    I can't quite believe how much things have come on in the years since i was regularly playing electric guitars. The stuff I was playing in the shop, I was playing through some sort of multi effects pedal which were previously the devil's work and shit at pretty much everything. The bloke was telling me about it though and said it was actually an amp modeller and effects unit which just plugged straight into a PA or an audio interface and did away with all that business of amps and cabinets and miking. I thought to myself, well that's very clever but I bet it's canny expensive, and it was, abou
  11. OpenC

    Demon's Souls

    Can't remember how i ranked them last time we did this, and the only ones I've played through relatively recently are DS3 and Sekiro. 30fps is the standard experience for me; I didn't feel like the DS and DS3 remakes were significantly better experiences because they had better framerates. I'd go: Bloodborne as a very easy number one. Everything came together exactly as it should have in that one - fast paced, well designed, story can be completely ignored, it caters for significantly different play styles but uniquely rewards aggression and risk taking. My only real
  12. OpenC

    The weather

    It's already ended in north Northumberland (well, it's down to 40mph gusts which aren't too dramatic, or unusual) so I hope the relative calm descends on you lot further south imminently. Weather station three or four miles from me recorded 98mph through the night apparently
  13. OpenC

    The weather

    We got epic wind and rain for about two hours, enough for the house to start leaking in multiple places, but it had calmed down a bit by about 11 and it just feels like a fairly normal winter storm now. Electricity and internet are only just back, though, since around half eight.
  14. OpenC

    The weather

    It's just a bit windy and rainy in the depths of Northumberland. Been forecast heavy snow for the last three hours but it's not happening. Bleaches down for about 45 seconds at a time then the rain washes it all away. Not complaining like
  15. Give us some hatred though Deuce. Why was it shit? Games don't get off free in this thread
  16. OpenC

    Demon's Souls

    I think I've said this before but part of the quintessential From experience for me is a choppy 30fps, tbh. Never felt quite right playing the Dark Souls and DS2 remakes in buttery smooth 60fps There's a better chance that I'll pick up a PS3 again and play through it again that way. Problem is, I just cheat my way through it on PS3 now with the Stockpile Thomas item dupe trick :) Is "world tendency" still a thing, or did they drop that? Was a really complicated little concept which changed some aspects of the world for all players dependent on.. well, who knows what. Like, th
  17. OpenC

    Demon's Souls

    I was going to post a Gandalf-esque "I have no memory of this place" in the Currently Playing thread about my current run through Dark Souls 3, but that reference is as good as any. I'm still fairly sure that in many ways I prefer Demon's Souls to anything that came after, but my memory of it is pretty hazy by now. Can remember almost all of World 1, but only the mine before the Stonefang Tunnel, and bits and pieces of the Shrine of Storms.
  18. OpenC

    Demon's Souls

    I can't remember a multiboss in Demons Souls. Which one?
  19. I reckon we all go through phases where we're done with gaming forever, and sooner or later one of them will be the real thing Personally I get more enjoyment from a Raspberry Pi running Retropie than anything else. Elden Ring is probably not going to be for you, I guess, but is the only thing that saved my PS4 from eBay. Absolutely no interest whatsoever in picking up a PS5.
  20. Aye, it wasn't great. Just a crappy version of Dark Souls and the harden mechanic was endlessly exploitable.
  21. I felt like that when I beat whatshisface evil samurai dude on the roof the first time, tbh. From are so good at boss fights. If the game was bosses only a la Shadow of the Colossus, I'd have liked it a hell of a lot more than I did - even some of the minibosses were great (Seven Spears guys spring to mind immediately). Was really the constant ploughing through satellite mobs that killed it for me. Corrupted Monk was a brilliant fight and tbh I even enjoyed the Guardian Ape (probably because they were most Souls/Bloodborne-y)
  22. I vote "yes; it's infuriating and one dimensional and lacks the majority of what made other From games such majestic experiences" Other opinions will differ
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