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  1. Failed in every team selection
  2. Yelevats

    Karl Darlow

    The decision to start him when Dubravka is fit was a joke.
  3. Been an absolute shit show since Amanda walked thru the door.
  4. New ownership took too long to bin Bruce. New owners taking too long to employ a new manager.
  5. Fingers crossed that this is what they are going after and actually get. campos would be a great sporting director .
  6. The indecisive nature of their decision making is concerning for PIF.
  7. massive own goal from the new owners allowing this cunt to still be in charge this weekend . Hopefully this isn’t the type of decision making that we are going to see long term.
  8. First impressions are massive and the new regime have made a mistake in allowing this absolute charlatan to showcase his egotistical fat head on Sunday. Disgrace he's still here.
  9. They have to know that even though we are jubilant, we are also scarred by indecision and poor judgment. if they let him remain in the dugout it’s a poor first impression.
  10. His pledge scheme is down the bog
  11. Bruwwcie Bruwcie Giv us a Wave!
  12. Does Mike even want to sell anymore? I’m not so sure he’d give up what is a cash cow to him especially when 50 thousand screaming geordies are still turning up. Brucey Brucey give us a wave 👋🏻
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