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  1. This , it's the way to build , it's been more than I expected tbh. Structured, thought out, measured. We are a proper club now
  2. Love it some of the Ashley era are being shipped out . Cheers but see ya
  3. Yes it was my second ever game , QPR in the quarters was my first . I remember a bloke behind me lobbing his knob out and pissed just standing on the terrace paddock in the West stand . E paddock I think . The smell of the hops walking to the ground and the floodlights hooked me in
  4. GWN


    I agree with everything above , I’m tempted to say haha Stewart but no it’s not nice and the lad will be gutted . On to the club, it does seem to be getting better, they are exceeding all our expectations tbh, I can’t see them going up as they are missing something I can’t work out , maybe it’s experience being a former 3rd division side for quite a while recently. Their fans , many many of them on the freak forum do seem to react very much in the short term. When we could see what Rafa was trying to build they couldn’t . It’s like that in their club, I 100% can tell they don’t like Mowbray but are putting up with him for now but you watch 3 defeats and they will be calling for his head, guaranteed he gets very little praise. Fuck them and their faux outrage which we all see through
  5. GWN


    it matters massively to SAFC fans , I can show you the evidence or go look at RTG . The lower is never full , again show me the evidence it’s full? i await you backing up your post
  6. GWN

    Anthony Gordon

    Let’s have the FCB days back eh? He will be a good signing , fuck the money man .
  7. GWN


    Above is how it’s going the same old shite man all the time
  8. GWN

    Callum Wilson

    I love Wilson, feel like we are complete when he’s in the team.
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