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  1. GWN

    Allan Saint-Maximin

    "It was too late to spend the money " see it coming . I want him gone , get out of the club ASM , let the turmoil begin , howay the sale , fuck Ashley, Bruce and Luke.
  2. So a quick rundown of our new first team signings Anyone? Sorry I don't keep up with it these days
  3. Anar, just funning mate , no idea, I don't follow the account.
  4. Are you actually serious? it’s a Mackem
  5. I will put a wee bit of meat on the bone . Every season for so long now it's exactly the fucking same, our number one aim is 4th bottom.Our fan base have been moulded into accepting this now and pretty much accept our lot, that's what we are about now. Even the fans "arrogance " as said by other fan groups has gone. The day out experience is even shit now , the match spoils it.Like others ASM turns me on, he's the shining light,the hope,until you realise no cunt else shares his inner passion .We don't deserve him or Wilson . Bruce is a manager whom I give no praise to,
  6. Saw this in the bookies today 5/1 to finish in the top half, Newcastle United let that sink in
  7. Yay, can’t believe folk went to this @jonbobson
  8. Stop quoting me , creeper fucker
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