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  1. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/half-time-entertainment-in-newcastle.1553168/ this fucker is 100% consumed by us, gets called out for it as well, it’s that exile cunt under a new name .
  2. If we get a takeover but no Rafa I would settle for that mind.
  3. There’s a poster on RTG , Mackem2017 it deffo that exile gadgee who obsessed with us . He’s disappeared and suddenly this guy is all over us on the thread.
  4. Cheers mate , still a fair chunk for struggling division 3 club like Sunderland. Makes you wonder why they don’t piss the league.
  5. How much are they allowed to spend? Or have I got that wrong?
  6. He trawled the official NUFC twitter page every day just posting "murderous regime "
  7. you want to see him on Twitter, it’s on another level.go check him out , he blocked me
  8. Their hatred born out of RTG and the Pickford hatred . can’t stand them as a club, fans, they can fuck off like Villa.
  9. I don’t need them stupid Kunts to “get” Rafa . Absolute shambles of a club and fans always have been .
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