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  1. GWN


    https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-reactions-weird-a-sunderland-fan-has-gone-viral-after-taking-a-st-in-his-seat-20171203 Never forget
  2. Id tell them to fuck off now like , yet I still want the sexy fucker .
  3. GWN


    Full on Saudi fury from the clowns today . Sniffed out that Exile is a baldy fat bloke btw 100% .
  4. I believe the owners are skint and have trousered the money
  5. Agree , I’m not stressing as draws is no good for them tbh, yes it was Arsenal but they shithouse these results all the time
  6. How we feeling after Burnley’s point? I’m a bit meh
  7. GWN


    Trouble is I don't think he supports SAFC so it may not be, I'm off to check Billy Pritchard out , this exile cunt will be around him somewhere , we are on to him
  8. yep , always let you down , nailed on draw this
  9. Is everyone’s usual river provider out of action ?
  10. Just a reminder as equally important game about to start . Arsenal V Burnley. no upsets please
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