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  1. Even if he is a bit rash. I'd take him. Absolute beast, turn of pace, never looks like he's out of control or shitting himself. Can pick a pass long to short. Loves attacking a cross. Controlled on the ball. Get the fucker in - it's not like our current crop don't make 'mistakes'.
  2. How can you attack the ball when you have blocked off your actual man. Yes Centre halves should cover fullbacks, but not that fucking wide. When Miggy was there also. He might as well have been on the Platinum club. I like Schar but he's hardly dependable. Neither are. Lascelles is shit but let's not wet the bed and blame players for others bad positions.
  3. I think you've been canny with your choice of shot. Firstly I think Lascelles is very very limited, I think Schar is an intelligent and talented footballer, but a limited defender who lacks heart and positional sense as an out and out defender - he's a luxury and needs to play in a three. However, Lascelles was marking his man, he then got bumped, his guy feel to the floor and the goalscorer had a run on him as Trippier let him through. I'm not sure what Lascelles could have done in this situation. Yes he's shite but let's get the facts right. Schar was way out of position, he got
  4. Watching the game again, it was probably more Trippier or Schar to blame for the goal. He's limited as fuck but he's being hung out to dry today when trippier never tracked the run and schar was down the quayside when the cross came in. Poor communication all round.
  5. If you add a Kamara or Fofana next to Joelinton. Bin Shelvey and allow Schar to do the Hollywood passing. Bin Longstaff and play Maxi off Wood :/ then get two out and out wingers on the pitch. I'd go Murphy Right and Ritchie Left. Get crosses in, let Maxi feed off Wood and let Joe and a Midfielder with an engine boss the midfield. We seem to have 3 players doing the job 2 because 2 of them are fucking shit.
  6. Liability. both with and without the ball. Just walks around spitting trying to look like a hard man. He's not a captain.
  7. If you play him, you play Maxi or Miggy / Wilock off him. He was isolated and he's neither technical nor fast enough (slow as fuck) to do anything himself. Piss Poor!
  8. Miggy wants shot today like. He's specifically brought on to lock down the left flank and cover Dummet. And he switches off and watches the ball. Prior to that Wood was weak as fuck holding the ball up, nothing stuck with him. And Lascelles is just another Steven Taylor, hes been masquerading as a PL centre halve for too long. All shoulders and no fucking brains. Fuck off!
  9. Gotta say, we were fucking dreadful today. Created very very little. Slow and predictable. Think we're down.
  10. Also Chris Wood reminds me of some the players I watched in the 80's. Very very heavy and limited. Especially as a lone striker with wide men.
  11. I honestly give up with this thick fuckers. Miggy told to cover the wing. And he falls asleep. Bunch of clowns.
  12. Firmly in the full backs pocket today. Not the best with his back to goal and touch tight marking. Also Dummet rarely overlaps to make the FB think a little more. Strange combo.
  13. From what I recall FFP stands at around 800 Million right now minus the 32 million we have spent. If the budget was 100million that leaves us 68 Million. 30 on a CD and another striker or LB with the others coming on loans. I actually think we might end up with Trippier, Wood, Left footed CD, (who club allow to go), and a young striker as the buys. Plus 2/3 loans towards the end of the window. I think we might actually go and spend 130million if the right player crops up. Just my opinion. Could be totally wrong.
  14. I'll stick my neck on the block here. I'm not overly excited by the signing. But I do feel he will be a success. I have a feeling with his character he will raise his game and as I said earlier, could be a great foil for Max and Wilock. From looking a little deeper at his clips, he's clearly very strong physically and mentally, and has a hell of a shot. Strong in the air and is comfortable at holding the ball up. Positives: Strength in the air, we have fucking zero. Power at shooting - most our players can't hit a barn door or shoot like a 5 year old.
  15. Great post. Totally agree.
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