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  1. Gut feeling is these are fake. The hanger is a bit of a give away for an apparel company.
  2. I'\\\\ I'd imagine Joelinton would be one of the poles, no?
  3. Wor Graham, Training the lads at the end. Looks more fun than Brucies, chase the ice cream van!
  4. Contender Ratings: Italy 7 Turkey -10
  5. Well, unfortunately you don't know much about Merchandising Brands. It's actually heavily linked to the Professional use. But there are standards on all Garments. But I'm sure you know best! Don't shoot the messenger
  6. It is a lot to do with cost and more so the application and consistency of application on various fabrics. Any sharp edges are problematic with high heat washing. Gone are the days of Stitched down woven crests. The modern heat transfers and patches are temperamental, therefore containing them in a circle or rounded base alleviate that issue.
  7. Dubravka - Slovakia Beye - Senegal Enrique - Spain Albert - Belgium Schar - Switzerland Tiote - Ivory Coast Speed - Wales Ginola - France Solano - Peru Shearer - England H Gallacher - Scotland Given - Ireland Gillespie - N Ireland Acuna -Chile Colo - Argentina Miggy - Paraguay Rondon - Venezuela Tino - Columbia
  8. No one pointing the finger at Willock for the goal? Stopped Tracking his man and left Hayden two to mark. Lazy all round.
  9. Rafa for me also. The guy was the catalyst for Amanda watching that game years back. He put up with so much shit during his tenure. I feel it's only right he gets the first crack at it. The guy just oozes class and reminds me so much of Sir Bobby in the way he demands respect for the club and the fans. Football wise, I'm sure it would improve if he got to replace the likes of Joselu with proven quality. We were just starting to click towards the end of last season and first team wise, we were only 3/4 signings from top 6 in my eyes. Let's get him and his team back and restart the proj
  10. Personally, not a fan of that at all. Little bit of a pick and mix of too many elements. Notably, the Nike USA kit with the same Horizontal fades.
  11. Morning all, First post on here, after 2 years of trying to join and 10 years of reading this forum - thank you for the good times. Born & Bred Geordie, season ticket holder from around 1986 to 2017. Now, living and working in the states. Excited to post, chat and still have access when anything remotely interesting happens, as this week
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