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  1. If some club gets Willock is that our whole transfer strategy up in flames this season ?
  2. What is our current wage bill ? Edit* it looks like it's about £65 million, so we should have a few quid to spend. £10 million ffs.
  3. So FFP is really there to keep the big clubs at the top and everyone else as cannon fodder, nothing in that article says positive vibes for our takeover, apart from the need to rid of FFP.
  4. He's at the Pardew level of putting Newcastle down with his comments now "wait till the BIG clubs have done their business" Fuck off man. He could literally leave now with a fuck you to Ashley about not wanting to be involved in the piss pulling of "his" club and he could walk away with dignity, probably into the Swansea job with a pay rise.
  5. It's to early for transfers yet, Bruce has already said we have to wait till all the Premier and Championship clubs have made their signings and see what scraps are left.
  6. I know two lads who will turn up to the first game at West Ham and ask who we have signed and are they playing today, these lads don't give two fucks about takeovers and background shit. It's all about the day, the event and the occasion.
  7. I've just lost faith in the whole thing, Staveley is supposed to be a deal maker that gets stuff done, why not just get everyone in a room and thrash this out, one way or another, without the delay, arbitration has been kicked down the road for 6 months !! Why ? For what possible reason can an independent panel need a further 6 months to gather evidence after 17 months. I hope I'm wrong because this is a real cross roads for me, but it looks like everyone involved is incompetent.
  8. And there is no evidence to support that it's on.
  9. I really like that The Movies That Made Us show on Netflix but the Narrator just seems to take the piss constantly when I'm interested in what the people have to say.
  10. Aye it looks like Ashley will draw it out past the transfer window and then use the CAT case for his compo, he even said himself when a takeover happens it will be behind closed doors and it will just be announced out of the blue. IMO the takeover by the current crop is dead.
  11. TBF if it was Masters job to go up against some of the richest and most influential people in the world to stop the takeover. He's done a cracking job.
  12. He's having a right go at Bruce
  13. "I still get paid right?" "Yes" "Right, what do you want me to say? Loan market, no money, can't compete, nee bother."
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