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  1. Has to be Micha Richards, some reporter will have told him to do it " go and get access to their emails Micha, it will be a right laugh, everyone will love you"
  2. So an unelected bunch of vicars, nonces, con artists and z list celebs can make better decisions than the current bunch of MPs
  3. I did a meeting on Monday where they announced 180 apprentices starting this year so they must have some long term plan in place.
  4. Ben

    Job stuff

    You stopped writing for the Telegraph ?
  5. TBF he deserves it, just like Skeletor deserves to Lead the Evil Warriors.
  6. My new hero was in Newcastle last night
  7. Ben

    Energy prices

    Standing charges going up ?
  8. Car crash politics, yet the blue rinse, mortgage free bigots still say they don't trust Labour with the economy
  9. I'm not sure how much of this I understand but it doesn't look good.
  10. No team just now are setting the world alight, top 4 for us is a real possibility
  11. Ageing team and poor quality expensive signings must be affecting his ego so he has started putting the blame on others
  12. Ben

    Allan Saint-Maximin

    I still think his best position is as a number 10 behind a target man.
  13. Liverpool can fuck off, I need one goal off them for 80/1
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