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  1. Ben

    Personal finance

    For anyone that jumped on the HCMC train last year, it's fucked, lost the court case.
  2. He looks more pissed than coked up, could be both
  3. I wonder how many points we would have if Howe had been manager since the start of the season
  4. Ben

    U.S. Politics

    WTF is that gun with the older guy at the front ? Alien killer.
  5. Let's see once the cash is on the table, I can see a few of our deals been " loan with a view to buy"
  6. I had munchengladback (spelling!!) @ 3/4 for the last of an 8 fold, 7 have came in, so I checked my cash out........ I'm taking a week off !!!!!!!
  7. I'm sure I saw him cutting the grass after the game, TBF he did a cracking job like.
  8. His record on signing players is pretty horrific
  9. I think this is the most likely scenario, it wouldn't surprise me if he's suggesting ideas now.
  10. Toney is our for Brentford with Covid, might be worth lumping on Leeds at 5/6
  11. Ben


    Stopped in Sunderland for my works do last night, nice meal but Fuck me the bar afterwards would make the guys off Deliverance feel uncomfortable.
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