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  1. We must be fuckin great if UEFA give us 5 subs and we still don't bring Sancho on.
  2. I can see where your coming from but having two defensive mids means Scotland have spare men to mark our destroyers out of the game, we need to play 10 yards further up the pitch like Peps teams, it makes the opposition do something, tonight Scotland had time to think.
  3. Another clean sheet, does that count towards the nations league stats ?
  4. Fuckin Jonjo would have turned that game on its head
  5. I think we all know Rice is better than that, he was under instructions tonight to not move more than 5 yards away from Stones and Mings
  6. It must be me this, every team I support is just shite.
  7. The Italians would beat us by half time
  8. Even Kanes voice and lugs aren't working properly
  9. Time for the Bruce Bus to hit Wembley way
  10. With regards to the rest of the Tournament it would probably be best for England to get beat here
  11. Remember this is the same Southgate that played ultra defensively in the two warm up games
  12. Rafa has trained Hanley to nullify £150 million Kane.
  13. Is rice the third center half now ? Going for a draw.
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