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  1. and if they do it at our home game vrs Aston Villa........then what?
  2. Awaymag


    7th to 10th is still the target for me, this season. However Im moving more to the 7th position as we are just superb at the moment
  3. Last two pages of this thread are hunting for a reason to be critical IMHO. Very strange.
  4. Awaymag


    oh a hard lad are we...............pathetic!
  5. Mate, the MSM are parasites. They all have an agenda on any issue sports, politics whatever. Its not about informing any more, its about trying to own the narrative and get others to subscribe to it. Just ignore it all.
  6. We will not see Isak or Maxi in a Newcastle shirt until after the world cup!
  7. Awaymag

    Dan Ashworth

    MSM - Massive Shit Merchants I dont know how they stay in business - nobody buys a paper nowadays and people are paying less and less attention to them because its all just bollocks.
  8. So PornHub @ St James isn't out of the question then. At half time they can put some videos on the main screen.....possibilitlies are endless.
  9. Well this appointment is just the pits, a total non-starter!
  10. They are no longer for sale......just a guess?
  11. 8 months - getting paid £X thousands a week, does an absolute wank job and then gets a £1m payoff. Unbelievable, the world is screwed!
  12. just superb...... massive smile on my face watching that!
  13. has anyone got the link to compilation video that has 'its a new day, its a new dawn' sound track....loved that one
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