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  1. Feel an announcement is coming..........
  2. Silence is golden.........wonder if Lee was leaking to the press as his termination did come rather quick, considering papers were suggesting he wanted to stay only a few days before the NUFC statement?
  3. So a DOF is the new replacement for the new manager anxiety. Chill DOF will be announced this week......feel it in my bones!
  4. A page on 'Who's height is this?' - come on guys, you can spend some of the weekend away from the keyboard you know!
  5. well said, just look at the Longstaff's for the opposite example of staying at NUFC when for the past 14 years have been no progression plan from youth to 1st team!
  6. Could have been Rafa's Black and White army but its now Eddie's Black and White army and so I want the top six to be unbeatable so that everyone else keeps close to the toon!
  7. night https://www.nufc.co.uk/nufc-tv/latest-videos/tindall-talks-after-magpies-draw-with-brentford/ day Same issues but who do you want as player - which person gives you more confidence* * a bit unfair on Bruce as last game but pick any post match interview and its the same
  8. I agree but the rot is slowly being eradicated. Im not concerned with the league position at this point, Im more concerned about setting the foundations and the start of the rebuilding. NUFC has been neglected for so long. Yesterday we turned 20-30% possession football and 0-1 shots at goal into 52% possession, 29 shots at goal and 9 on target, and restricted the opposition to 4 shots on target. In terms of enjoyment from a match, yesterday was at another level, the crowd were engaged. Hopefully we have enough time to escape relegation but if we dont, Id rather go
  9. Aye lets play defensively when out weakest part of the team is defense! Is that you Bruce?
  10. I was a 10 before today, Im now a 9 - turn around in 2 weeks with Eddie has been immense. Keep it going and the wins will come. I think we will lose to Arsenal and then beat Norwich and Burnley. Anything else till 1st Jan will be a bonus but I think each week the boys will get more comfortable with how Eddie wants to play!
  11. If we get relegated, we get relegated but too many twists and turns to come to predict anything at the moment. Today was miles away from BruceBall 52% possession 23 Shots 9 on target. When Bruce was here, we have 20-30% possession and we were lucky to get a shot at goal, never mind if it was on target or not. Continue to build and if we go down due to the start Bruce handed us, at least we can go to a game and expect some excitement!
  12. Until the 3rd minute anyway, when Brentford midfielder strolls past Shelvey and he doesn't track back. Then he will get both barrels!
  13. Basically, any report now about the owners of NUFC all have digs at them, not even subtle. They are waiting, with glee for any screw ups or failures. The BBC report goes on about Sporting Director needs to be in place etc. Two points on this: Is that the model the owners are going to go with ( I think it probably is but they shouldn't just assume,then this leads to 2nd point) NUFC under Ashley, had no Sporting Director, didn't have a CEO, didn't have a board, it just had Charnley. Not one article was raised by BBC on how this was unheard of in the modern ga
  14. Prefer Pikachu myself
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