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  1. Thats bollix. Its the same as any company on the stock market, they have to notify the stockmarket and hence the stakeholders at the earliest possible time. Thats not true for NUFC though so it can be announced anytime and as long as Lyon inform the stock market at opening then they have complied!
  2. thought N-O had been hacked and linked straight into talk shite, for a moment. Please delete that post, it hurts my eyes
  3. get Bruno confirmed today and then its going to be an amazing 3 days till the end of the window. I reckon Newcastle region productivity will be down to 20% on Monday - hope the ISPs are ready for traffic surge in the region with F5 requests maxing at 1 billion requests a minute!
  4. Still think something is off with NUFC transfer dealings - will be interested to see if Amanda etc comment on it, at the end of the window.
  5. Not really, no way does every club and every player. Aston Villa have got Coutinou, Digne, Chamber without the circus. At the moment, we have had, fee agreed, player to decide, play agrees to sign, fee not agreed. Now we have player signed, or maybe not. Thats just Bruno, dont mention Botman and Carlos
  6. Thats just it, I dont know where this info is coming from........is it agents, is it Lyon, is it NUFC, is it just the media guessing and feeding off each other. Either way, lessons need to be learnt as this is just ridiculous
  7. Just a Circus - what other teams transfers have this much commentary, something is very wrong with this all
  8. Good old Romano, always pops about 30 mins after someone else breaks something. Even then its still not really an update!
  9. so how has LEquipe got this info - it can only be from NUFC or Lyon if its true? I can't see it being from NUFC side as we have nothing to gain from this being made public?
  10. going to try and stay off N-O today, wonder how long I will last. Reckon 2 hours max
  11. Throughout this transfer window we have had everyone winding us up. We dont need people in this forum starting to do that as well. Its not funny at all.
  12. Can we all take eggs to the next home game and just bombard the press section for being absolute bastards!
  13. totally agree....Romano again just changes the wording and everything thinks he transfer god!
  14. LOL, this is just getting bizarre! Wonder if another team has come in?
  15. This is being used to flush out Arsenal or Juventus. It has that feel about it
  16. Im really surprised at the hostility that Amanda gets through the press etc. They really dont like newcomers and a woman at that, heading a football club.
  17. That's exactly what he does. He's never the 1st. All he does is wait till someone else puts something out there and 30 mins later he then pipes up with just repeating the information in a different way.
  18. so give them another hour and they will start to report as if they knew all along!
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