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  1. It's anything but grassroots. The fact that every arm of power - government, media, the PL, private companies, Hollywood, schools - promotes it should tell you that it isn't. Everything about it from it's inception screamed 'corporate' and 'artifical'. BLM is the system. As for a "response to racism", it would be more accurate to say it's a response to a completely broken system, the result of decades of mass-immigration and throwing together different groups in order to satisfy capitalism's ever growing hunger for workers and consumers. The billionaire class have manipulated our countrie
  2. Efforts were always made in the past to keep politics out of football. Players were never allowed to make salutes or reveal t-shirts and suchlike.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write a reasonable reply. I knew most on here wouldn't agree with me. Most players take the knee because they're told to. They just want to pick up their money and not get in trouble. You have to go a bit out of your way to get an intelligent anti-BLM/knee take and I can't imagine many footballers are binging political content on youtube. "Is BLM even referenced when players take the knee these days?" It was originally. The BLM slogans were everywhere but then the media gradually shifted the message to a one about equality. It was very cleverly done
  4. Thanks for replying with more than an emoji. And I'm not a Trump fan, so no need for his voice. Your second line there is somewhat correct. The media did start putting a different spin on it, although BLM and the whole knee thing at its inception was never about ending discrimination of all kinds. It was a very deliberate shift by the media to try and make it more palatable / relevant to British audiences. And I'll have to disagree with your 3rd line. I could be sympathetic to a million politcal and societal issues but I don't want them crossing over into football. Everything has po
  5. It's spot on in my opinion. 1. Why bring politics into football? Why force a political position on people? A cursory glance round the internet tells you 50% of people don't support BLM, including some black people. 2. What is the BLM issue? Police violence? The general plight of blacks in the US? In either case, it's an overseas issue. Why is a knee for black Americans any more warranted than a knee for the Uighurs or a knee for Palestinian kids? How about an issue closer to home? A knee 20,000 white girls raped by Pakistani gangs? 3. The BLM claim is that blacks are killed at a
  6. Sickened me hearing the millionaire celebrities at half-time say the fans are too thick to understand why the knee is being taken. How dare the peasants have an opinion!
  7. There are no naturally 2 footed players really. Glenn Hoddle is the closest I’ve seen to being two footed. He could carry the ball solely on his left or right foot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other pro player do that. Even Beardsley, Ginola, Ronaldo, whoever... they all carry the ball on their strong foot.
  8. Am I right in thinking Ben Jacobs said we were going to be getting rocked by bad news this week? And nowt has happened?
  9. Plus, I cannot imagine any scenario in which Amanda is going, “we’re knackered, might as well get yourself away. Court case is just for show.”
  10. I have a remarkable ability to get on with my life AND monitor takeover news. Although I must admit, I do sometimes worry that excess in my personal life could affect the sale of NUFC.
  11. Emre once had a kick about with us in Jesmond. Everyone thought it was great but I was worried about his knees.
  12. Man United fans who aren't from Manchester should not be taken seriously.
  13. I'd be amazed if they don't spend the absolute maximum they're allowed to.
  14. Candi_Hills


    Jim Cornette's rants remain my favourite thing in wrestling and it's not even close.
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