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  1. NWMag

    Harrison Ashby

    True. More to do with the fact that Howe spoke about his signing being handy due to Manquillo being injured tbh
  2. NWMag

    Harrison Ashby

    Was surprised he wasn’t on the bench today
  3. Not seen much of Smith-Rowe for a while, would take him
  4. NWMag

    Elliot Anderson

    Thought he looked lively when he came on. Would have liked to see him get a little bit longer
  5. NWMag

    Anthony Gordon

    When did he get banned? I thought he was driving a few weeks ago and the Everton fans were chasing him edit: just read the article, should have done this first I guess. also can’t we delete comments any more?
  6. NWMag

    Harrison Ashby

    think we might have a second player charged with drink driving soon
  7. Eddie would absolutely hate this
  8. Is there no chance of the club getting big screens on the pitch and getting loads of fans in the stands?
  9. With Bruno out I’d be tempted for 4231 Pope Trips Schar Botman Burn Longstaff Joelinton Miggy Isak Maxi Wilson
  10. If we do suffer injuries we could revert to a 2 man midfield like we saw at the end of the Fulham game with Isak/Gordon in the 10 role. if we have no one to sit deep then we could even revert to the 5 at the back from last year, lessens the need for a DM and can go with 2 CMs not ideal but we do have flexibility in the squad now
  11. NWMag

    Harrison Ashby

    When’s this one getting announced then?
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