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  1. “I am able to assure you that the bomb of the January transfer window is the proposal of NUFC for €75m plus €10M bonuses for Darwin Nunez.”
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZAdNFOoqjB/?utm_medium=copy_link Even watching us train, they are so invested man. Love it
  3. And 5 of those 10 were against Arsenal, Man U, City, liverpool and Leicester - throw in missing his first game with covid and Clark’s howler against Norwich, not doing too bad so far. some of the stick he has got is undeserved and I really think people should wait to judge him until he has his own squad
  4. NWMag

    Joe Willock

    Overall very good, few dodgy spells in the 1st half but it looked down to a lack of confidence to me. Got better as the game went on, hopefully he can take some confidence from it and build from this.
  5. I think people are forgetting just how much influence our league position has had. Ever since the new owners came in we have been in the relegation zone if I remember correctly. Regarding the manager, yes it seemed to take a long time, but it’s an important decision to make. They obviously wanted to get someone of the highest quality possible, but our league position put a lot of people off. Therefore the process slows as they work their way down the list. There is no doubt in my mind that if we were mid table, Bruce would be gone sooner and a new man would have been in a lot quicker
  6. NWMag

    Chris Wood

    Very similar strike rate to Wilson so think some people are over reacting slightly
  7. And if we survive this season I’m sure we won’t have half as many problems attracting players in the summer. But I can see why players would be against the move right now, it is a risk
  8. We’re 19th in the league, it’s hardly a surprise
  9. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    For me, I am trying to think of strikers who are good enough, available, and would be willing to come to us right now - I can’t think of any really
  10. NWMag

    Sven Botman

    De Jong was the name he was given but his personal opinion was it wouldn’t happen - he is one of 2 accounts that are usually pretty accurate so I would trust him on the Botman info
  11. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    Isak is one to watch
  12. Bit early to judge him imo. Overall there has been clear improvements since Bruce left. Howe took over a team half full of championship players, and our PL level striker is injury prone. He can’t do anything about the playing squad until now, and we are only 1 week into the window. It will take until the end of the summer window really to have an 11 that Howe wants and then can implement his style of play on. He’s been given a bag of shit so not sure why any short term drastic improvements are expected. We have gradually improved but there is a very low ceiling of performan
  13. Be nice to see Stephenson get some minutes up top, see what he can do
  14. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    Arsenal favourites ahead of us
  15. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    Now this is an extremely reliable Twitter account
  16. NWMag

    Sven Botman

    Growing more and more confident this one gets done
  17. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    From my experience he is up there with the more reliable ITK accounts
  18. NWMag

    Transfer rumours

    Central midfield a problem did you say…
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