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  1. dabe

    Formula 1

    You must be a new fan.
  2. It's quite apparent that they need to hire a DoF who knows what they're doing. Wouldn't be surprised if Charnley is leaking things.
  3. Hope he's crying into his polyjuice and cous cous.
  4. It will be. No chance of relegation and he'll improve those who want to listen.
  5. Oh for sure, it's a massive upgrade and he's a proven winner. Just hope some of our less professional elements don't have too much sway in undermining him.
  6. Only concern is how effectively he can communicate his ideas. Big part of his struggles at Arsenal were his ability to get across tactical ideas to the players, older professionals like Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil downing tools then losing the dressing room, and a disorganised mess on the pitch come the end of his tenure. He did blood Willock, Smith Rowe and Saka though...
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