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  1. Agreed, he did well today before he went off. both our fullbacks were getting beat like a drum in the first half, Schar and Lascalles dealt with everything. Second half trippier sorted himself out, and Manquillio was excellent. Our CBs had much less to do.
  2. Palestoon

    Ryan Fraser

    agreed on the effort, he never stopped running. maybe my memory is hazy, but I remember him having this burst of pace that would leave defenders for dead in his days at bournemouth. Not sure if hes just lacking fitness, or injuries etc, but he looks so weak in everything he does.
  3. What a fucking win! still haven't caught my breath.... Dubs - 7 - solid, good save from james in the first half. claimed everything in the box 2nd half. Trippier - 7 - much better second half defensively Lascelles - 6 - best game in a while before going out injured. always looks nervy but dealt with everything that came at him. Clark - 6 - did his job to help close up shop Schar - 9- was absolutely fantastic defensively in every aspect. MOM Dummett - 6 - struggled with raphinha in the first half. Manq - 8 - Was fantastic coming on. shut
  4. Found this from last year. doesn't include this season, but i doubt it changed much. OVERALL TOTALS AT NUFC WITH ASM STARTING: Played 26 Won 12 Drawn 6 Lost 8 Points 42 Goals For 34 Goals Against 31 OVERALL TOTALS AT NUFC WITHOUT ASM STARTING: Played 16 Won 1 Drawn 6 Lost 9 Points 9 Goals For 10 Goals Against 32
  5. Until we have a team that is actually capable of creating chances through actual build up, incisive passing and good movement, discussing the merits of ASM is absolutely pointless. For anyone to think replacing him with murphy or almiron would make us more capable of scoring a goal is laughable. Take ASM out of the team, and we turn towards pinging the ball up to wood/wilson and hoping for the best. this team is not capable of anything more than that. He deserves criticism for some aspects of his game, but unless we have a miraculous next 2 weeks of the transfer window, he is far
  6. At some point our luck has to turn. We are due a result we dont deserve. Fucking Bruce used up 10 years of luck in the the span of 18 months. fat prick
  7. Palestoon

    Paul Dummett

    agreed. his positioning and tackling are very underrated. Offensively he is who he is. I think Howe thought bringing on Almiron to support him would be enough, and Almiron fell asleep in the moment that ended up being our undoing.
  8. Palestoon


    there was a moment where he received the ball in our own half with our back to goal, turned his defender, burst past 2 players into the opposing half, and played fraser in on the right wing. 10 seconds later he was by our corner flag tackling one of their players. i had to rewind to make sure it was him. great engine. Shelvey should be embarrassed strolling about for 90 mins
  9. Palestoon


    I know he missed a couple of chances, but he was immense again. the best player for on the pitch for us bar maybe trippier week in week out. get him some help in midfield and i think we'll see another level from him.
  10. Lascelles has to be replaced. get carlos in now. our midfield is so bad, so unatheltic. Its scary to think how much worse we would be if we hadnt discovered that our #9 last year is a solid option in midfied. Imagine playing shelvey longstaff and hendrick. beggars belief
  11. wow. sums up how much we've neglected the position over the last 10 years
  12. No doubt about it, we are awful in midfield and have been for years. Shelvey used to be at least good a few goals from balls over the top. Cant remember the last time we've scored from one of those. Longstaff is like a deer in the headlights, Willock looks like he'd rather be anywhere else. hendrick.... the less said the better. We literally need an upgrade in every facet. Someone to protect the back line, someone to control the tempo, and someone to carry the ball forward. Shocking state thanks to Ashley
  13. I know he was frustrating at times, but man do i miss Tiote kicking the living shit out of everyone up and down the pitch R.I.P. big man
  14. Dummett hold down the left with ASM advanced playing off Wood. Fraser with Trippier overlapping to provide service for Wood. think this is the best we can hope for for Saturday Dubs Trippier Lascalles Schar Dummy Shelvey Fraser Longstaff Joelinton ASM Wood
  15. Palestoon

    Emil Krafth

    his best game for us by far. credit where its due.
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