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SSN Shearer: Ready to talk to Keegan


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Shearer: I'll talk to Keegan

Newcastle legend ready to discuss Toon role

Last updated: 17th January 2008



Shearer: Ready to talk to Keegan


If he were to ring me and ask to speak to me, I would certainly speak to him; I'd be foolish not to.

Alan Shearer

Quotes of the week




The Toon legend says he is keen to be involved at St James' Park again.



"If he were to ring me and ask to speak to me, I would certainly speak to him; I'd be foolish not to," he said.



"I was never really a serious possibility [for the manager's job] because they were looking for experience."



However, he added: "I haven't really seen myself as a number two."



Shearer is still keen to manage Newcastle at some stage, but hopes Keegan, who previously bossed United from 1992-97, is successful enough to delay that eventuality for some time to come.



"It remains an ambition to manage it some day - when that will be I don't know," he continued.







"I hope and pray that he [Keegan] does well because I'm a fan at the end of the day.



"The place will be rocking.



"The fans have what they want. They want entertainment, passion and commitment, and they haven't seen it of late.



"They will go forward and score goals and I'm sure they will concede a few.



"I was surprised [by the appointment] but Newcastle have that power in his [Keegan's] heart. He wants to do so well for them


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He'll go into management if he doesnt get it i reckon. One of the championship sides with money would be a good place to start, or Southampton maybe

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Guest johnson293

To be honest after hearing what he said on MOTD (as posted above), I think the only way he'll come in as No.2, is if he is given some kind of Guarantee that he will be the next manager in 3 1/2 years time (or less, maybe!).

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Guest Guinness

Apparently Keegan's going to try and make contact with Shearer today, although some papers this morning seem to be tipping Coleman. As long as we get someone who's in the loop in regards to current football and the transfer market I'll be happy.

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Two "come get me" pleas in two days, one managerial, the other assistant. Certainly throwing himself about after remaining tight lipped on the subject, which probably means he knows Ashley is going to spend big and hence he wants to be part of that, whereas previously he wasnt interested in the job because the finances were shiite and on the verge of collapse whilst the squad rehaul that was needed was massive (still is).


Shearer as number 2 would be interesting, but Keegan is 56. He could easily be here for another 5 years if hes remotely successful. It needs to be remembered why Keegan left us in the first place - the change from Ltd to PLC and the resulting lack of expenditure was by far the biggest reason imo, not pressure (iirc Dalglish had to sell before he could buy, and the directors had requested players be sold, e.g. Ferdinand). Had that not taken place, Keegan may never have left, he had no reason to on the footballing side of things as we were second in the league at the time iirc, and he only needed to purchase a few defenders to take the team to the next level. Now that this situation has been completely reversed with Ashley delisting/buying the club outright and big money being available to spend without any need to sell, the club is back in the state that Keegan preferred - and thats probably why hes back.


So would Shearer be patient and willing to sit in the quiet background secondary role as assistant for possibly half a decade, having to do everything according to King Kev, be in agreement with the players King Kev wants, agree with his selections and tactics, etc? Again, its hard to think of Shearer in that sort of role.

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