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  1. Wew, some of these names coming back after all these years like forgotten powers from Middle Earth
  2. Tough one for Buffalo. The windows close so fast.
  3. The level of play was insane. Mahomes is absolutely unreal. He's matured incredibly in such a short space of time. Not just the big splash plays, but his decision-making, his ability to take what the defence gives him (and without hesitation) is amazing. Just such a switched on performance mentally to play error free like that against such a good D, with such high stakes and with such a blockbuster offence on other side waiting to capitalise.
  4. Fucking hell. Thought they had him. He's a monster.
  5. weeew check those wheels
  6. Ooh Chiefs D getting in the backfield early on here.
  7. Like facing Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat II when he hits that DPI down the sideline to stop the clock and get a big chunk play.
  8. Oh shit, i thought the Bills-Chiefs game was on at 1:30am. Amazing.
  9. Stafford deserves this tbf. Always been tremendous.
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