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  1. Demba Ba was free, so he'll be my choice
  2. It's excellent/underrated.
  3. Michael Owen by a mile for me. The £17-odd-million paid for him, then, was pretty wild. And he was shite.
  4. Fucking hell. A skip careering down the street like Mbappe on the counter.
  5. Beren


    What was/is your reason for not getting the vaccine?
  6. Properly going to miss this tournament/enjoying football/participating in a football board on this forum.
  7. Beren

    Random Thoughts Thread

    This bidet thing has definitely transcended past toileting preference to full-throated hobby.
  8. Shocked it was as high as 4m. Who are these freaks?
  9. Apparently the arsehole contingent took over the space meant for disabled spectators tonight. Utter cunts.
  10. 45 arrests tonight apparently. Interested to know what charges stick/the sentencing.
  11. Born and live in London, but don't really support an international team. (I loved Brazil when I was a kid mind you).
  12. Tough to know what weight to attribute to his words immediately after the final, but it sounds like Southgate wanted England to keep a bit more possession in the second half - and not cede so much momentum - but it didn't happen for whatever reason. Those are the building blocks which I thought England might have developed earlier in the tournament.
  13. Majority of England fans on the forum are class, but big time appreciation for this sentiment IRL.
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