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Scott Carson (Another one we rejected)


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He motivated himself after he was rejected by Newcastle United as a teenager




So out there at the moment: Carrick who cost Man Utd £18 million from Wallsend. Carson who it seem Liverpool will sell for about £8 million & they have already banked a £2 million loan fee, we turned down. Josh Walker from Killingworh at the Boro & is England U17 captain. I know there are more but I am going to sleep now.


Hopefully the new structure & people will not miss out on such players in the future.

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If a team spends £8m on Carson i will attempt to climb up the baltic feet first.


I support the team Carson currently plays for. I will be amazed (and a little shocked) if we pay more than 5m for him. Not because I don't think he is worth more (I do) but because his stock has fallen so far since the Croatia game.

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