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Howay Lads and Lasses


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We can do this.









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I always kind of sneered at fans of clubs who "celebrated" surviving relegation.... until that goal went in.

Cant think of a goal we have scored since that one that I have celebrated more. Was close to tears


We have to cling on to hopes like these but its a different division and I am struggling to hang on to those hopes

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Guest fraser

Ironically the players may now see the best of the Newcastle fans. I thought the fans were great yesterday (in spite of some reports saying some walked out early, didn't see any of that myself). We kept our spirits up and managed to applaud the team off. The days of booing should be well and truly over; we all understand how shite we are and the reality is that this set of players (a lot of whom must realise that they won't be here next season if we do stay up) needs support to avoid relegation.


We can stay up and, what's more, it's still in our own power to do so. We all the know the games that we can and must win and those we can and must get something from.

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