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Wor Club is cursed because...

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...it has too many fans who believe it is cursed. Negativity breeds failure.


'In my experience there's no such thing as luck' - Obi Wanky Knobby, 1977.


'There's just having the ability to influence referees from the sidelines though intimidatory techniques' - Spider Jerusalem, 2008.


At least we don't have a big rock in the middle of the Eldon Square with an 'ancient curse' inscibed on it or there would be a bunch of slack jaws trying to burn it tomorrow.

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we live in a tiny part of the world where football is cursed, we have a shit national team and 3 shit so called big teams, do you think for 1 moment man u ,chelsea,liverpool,arse fans give a fuk if england get beat or get knocked out the world cup, they might for a few hrs but they can all relax knowing that they can feel fuking great at the end of the season ,maybe not every season but every few year a little trinket falls on the mat unlike us poor fukers up here

our only hope is finishing top of the tree in the north east what usually means the top half of the shite in the PL


i once had hopes and asperations but newcastle utd always kicks them out of me but i still live in hope, pissed and angry


                                                regards fuked up 47 year old supporter






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