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Hypothetically, at what point does Dennis Wise become a managerial option?


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Now, don't section me just yet


As was said in the Venables thread and I'm sure many others, we really are scraping the bottom of the barrell. O'Leary is taking the piss - and I say that having defended Ashley for a lot longer than others.


I know there are several impediments to the idea such as:


Half of Tyneside want to string him up (no one ever told me why though, but that's a different argument)

The players might have similar opinions

He quit Leeds because he wasn't interested in the day-to-day responsibilities of management


These are valid arguments. But as we all know, this is the Toon, with extra Ashley wackiness. Anything is possible. And "anything" includes the possibility of Wise taking over first team affairs until the club is sold.


The "pros" such as they are include:


He's half a step away from the job anyway, no matter your perspective on the rights and wrongs of it all

He is available

He is out on his ass the second the club is sold (again, right or wrong)

He's has experience, obviously not the resume of Hitzfeld, but experience

He can't say he doesn't know what he's getting himself in for!


Anyway, when I saw O'Leary was the serious number two option after Venables, my first thought was "Fuck, I'd rather have Wise".


And then I laughed and wondered what the folk of N-O would think of that :lol:


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Hmmm... I guess never now that Kinnear has been appointed! I'd lock the thread but it will sink like a stone anyway :lol:


It could just be part of the grand plan.  Get rid of Keegan, thrash around looking like no one wants the job, hire someone totally incompetent to make Wise look good and then have Wise ride in like a knight in shining armor.

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