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revolutionary new policy


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This is a good idea of course, but would only work if all the clubs in the league agreed to it.


Nah, good established players will only sign for top 8-10 teams or go abroad. Bottom ten field players of the calibre of Peter Ramage and Matty Patisson. These teams get thrashed 10-0 every game, leaving players out of pocket and their wages can't pay the full refund anyhow. Peter Ramage becomes a plumber. ASPine is overjoyed, everyone else hates the PL and they lose all their money.


So in short (for you Dave), it's a stupid idea.

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Silly idea. Even things like mainly pay-as-you-play deals (not dependant on a result/performance) are only given to really old, injury prone players (see Anderton at Bournemouth, Savage at Derby).

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