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  1. No mention of sheikh mansour on the Man City board of directors, when we all know he owns the club https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mancity.com/club/corporate-information This needs to be sent to the media such as sky sports and even the chronicle to try and get some traction going about this, because this seems to be the sticking point with our takeover
  2. Liverpool done the same and look where it got them. It staggering the amount of we cannot win so why bother in the mass population over the way corporations treat us not just in football. Agreed - but the Liverpool situation was primarily driven by the fact that they were a matter of hours away from being insolvent and going into administration. My point was Sunderland fans did nowt. The more people kick up a fuss and shine a light on the obvious corruption in the premier league the better.
  3. That surely can't be right as the Bein deal runs out at the end of next season and the new deal will need to be sorted out a while before that
  4. I know it’s been said many times, but the premier league has not come out of all this well. They haven’t come across as being meticulous, they’ve just come across arrogant and incompetent.
  5. Just a rehash of the mirror story isn't it?
  6. Michael Owen arranged for £200 worth of pennies to be left on Kevin Keegan's desk after losing a game of head tennis against the former Newcastle United manager. Keegan and assistant Terry McDermott challenged Owen and Nicky Butt to a doubles match at the club's training ground back in 2008. Owen believed it was 'impossible' that 'two old-age pensioners' could beat them so rather than playing for pride, he upped the stakes with a cash bet. To Owen and Butt's horror, the Magpies' management team 'absolutely battered' them - and they had to pay Keegan and McDermott back. "A couple of
  7. Super Mac in North Shields Morrisons this morning
  8. I can't see how the so called people in charge, even if they wanted Rafa to stay (which is bollocks), haven't got a contingency plan. Which other multi million pound business would go into discussions with the most important man in the company over their soon to be over contract, and not for even one second consider what will happen if he (which always looked a possibility) turned it down? Or in this case, they pulled the plug on discussions. The more you think about it the worse it gets. These are the people running our club. Absolute rank amateurs at best. Fucking morons is putting it
  9. All this Ashley is an evil genius with fake takeovers stuff, in my opinion is not the case. He is just a fat greedy scumbag. It doesn’t look like he’s fussed either way about selling the club. So he’s in a no lose situation as he sees it. Drag the takeover on trying to squeeze more money or changing the instalments is the most popular theory. In doing this the vindictive weasel then, probably out of spite because of the nasty things some fans say about poor little Mikey, seriously hinders the clubs transfer activity regardless of who the owners are. Also Rafa leaves.... enough said. Or,
  10. This threads taken an extremely disturbing turn
  11. I know it's totally immature. But I can't help thinking of the paddy he would chuck it we had 52,000 people on Saturday singing Ashleys got a tiny cock, do da do da, Ashleys got a tiny cock, oh the do da day Not really helping matters as such but it would be funny nonetheless.
  12. The problem then is we spunk our entire budget on the players we have this season and basically stand still while everyone else improves by buying new players
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