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Plymouth takeover talks continue

Liam Liam Liam O

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Too much talk of that irrelevant Premier League on here at the minute.


Pilgrims takeover talks continue 


Plymouth Argyle are continuing takeover talks with board member Yasuaki Kagami, a Japanese businessman.


Pilgrims chairman Paul Stapleton confirmed that the talks will conclude by mid-June.


The discussions will take place with George Synan, the director of Kagami's Shonan Management Corporation.


"We've got to do what's best for the football club. That's why we're taking our time. We have to make sure the club is protected," Stapleton said.


"My personal opinion is that if anything is concluded, it won't be concluded before the board meeting on 15 June," he added.


Kagami has been a director of the Pilgrims since April last year.




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f***ing hell everyone and there mother is being taken over except us.


Yep, other clubs don't seem to have trouble finding a buyer, look at Man city, get one dodgy billionaire to buy them, he runs into some bother, so another even richer group take over.


All we get is stupid publicity seekers.

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Guest toonlass

Would love an owner from the East, the revenue coming in from over there would shoot up I imagine.



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Guest Ebolarama

Plymouth are a more viable prospect than us at the moment. I'm not surprised.


Not really, there fan base is pretty small TBH.


Aye, but plenty of potential expansion room in almost all corners of the club there. I'm not saying Newcastle aren't a good pop for a takeover, but I can understand why a club like Plymouth is also viable.

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Oh yeah dont get me wrong, for some investors PA are probs a good purchase.  Newcastle can be a money pit if done correctly, we just dont know if anyone has the stones to tackle this mad house.

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