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  1. I thought we did, I thought that was the whole point of this forum now.
  2. Yeah but you could say the same about potato, Chips, Fries, Crisps, Curly Fries, Baked Potato, Potato Dauphinoise, Pomme Boulangiere, Patatas Bravas, Bombay Potato's, Potato Fondant, Potato Waffles, Mashed Potato, Boiled Potato, Saute Potato, Cubed Fried Potato, Cheese, Potato and Onion, Hotpots, Hashbrowns the list is endless
  3. Maybe just concentrate on the fact we have a cup semi final tonight
  4. That's nailed on to happen now
  5. You can only delete your own posts. Turns out I can't delete my own posts now which could get messy.
  6. Good move, she can surely just go and get a job at a pizza shop or something. I would never enter into a relationship formed from such a basis as it's a clear indicator for the future. Also, ask he how much she wants in blackmail for the videos but make sure she does it over video and record it. That way it makes the case against her easier.
  7. I think Chelsea set the price for Gordon when they bid 60M for him in the summer
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