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  1. Cheers, stacked burgers are messy. I do make a good chip, airfryer those bastards as well.
  2. They weren't on the verge of developing one because they didn't throw enough resources at it. They had too much going on, if they had just waited and focussed on developing it then the world would be a very different place. They also had a completely different approach, the US probably wouldn't have started the Manhattan project either if it wasn't for the Nazi research.
  3. Aye but the V2 was pretty inaccurate and expensive. Much easier just to fly bombers over. IF Hitler had focussed more on Nuclear weapons and they did have a very advanced Nuclear weapons programme the world would have been a very different and grave world.
  4. relámpago blanco


    17523 In hospital 640 on Mechanical Ventilation 230 deaths per day Circa 2000 a day being admitted to hospital
  5. Cows are plant based. They eat grass mostly.
  6. Looks class, I do stuff like this probably 2 or 3 times a week, quick and healthy
  7. Exactly, we are ultra desperate, have shit loads of cash so use it to stay up then we can built a fucking behemoth of a side in the summer when we arent so desperate. I'd rather 10M on Lingard than overpay 20M on someone on a permanent deal having to offer them silly wages.
  8. I think theyve made it clear that if we can get the players we would spend whatever if its at an agreeable price. I doubt we will but simply because the players we want wont come. Next summer though, if we stay up, I bet we spend 250M+
  9. Yeah this drives me crackers. I want a nice relaxing drive when on Motorways and use my cruise control at 75. Fucking drives me insane the wankers who hover between 60 and 80.
  10. That is really positive, 2 weeks till the next game as well. He wouldnt have travelled if it what serious.
  11. What worries me about Alli is 3 managers now have felt the same. Him Kane and Son were habitually their best players. He has been frozen out by all 3. Its really weird.
  12. Howe likes to play with 2 up top
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