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  1. Hmm, showing NUFC fans in a glowing light
  2. https://sackbruce.co.uk/
  3. I agree, I was just explaining possible reason, I think he will be after today. If not then we can complain. Give them some fucking time though.
  4. Yeah, but you can't line up managers on the hope that anywhere between now and fuck knows how long we'll need you in charge. I bet Bruce has been a wanker and said his coaching staff would walk if he is sacked and we don't have many
  5. Yep Technically they are my companies cats though so can write it off.
  6. Vets insisted on scanning his chip. Definately him.
  7. Kind of, he is in the spare room now the wanker. He has an infected wound, he is pretty ill but will be fine. He is my cat anyway so I'll look after him and then see what happens. I think I'll end up rehoming him for his wellbeing tbh as he hasn't been vaccinated or wormed since he fucked off.
  8. The crowd may make a difference but fundamentally the team is the same, with the same level of coaching so we will most likely lose. If we do win then it will be down to the atmosphere to an extent.
  9. Because that's what some PFM managers do. I could reel of a lsit if you like but they do, it's like they think the last 20 years haven't panned out as I would have liked but this next job, I'll do it.
  10. He won't retire, hell get a decent job after this. If there is one thing Ashley does its revitalise shit managers careers somehow. Hell either get a decent Championship job or a lower end PL job.
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