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    How is there an anti lockdown protest when lockdown has ended.
  2. Kind of, I do want Max to win a World title as he deserves one. One thing I know is if it was the other way around last season with Lewis leading by 33 points he would have backed out and finished 2nd, knowing his car would probably see him through and a 7 point loss wasn't that bad compared to taking a risk and not scoring any points.
  3. He's rattled them. This is why he has won 7 world titles. What is the point in trying to make overtaking easier next year if you get penalised for taking a risk knowing Max doesnt give an inch? Surely we should make it so the wake is more turbulent so you can't overtake. I hope Max is OK and I am sure he is, it was a big impact and Hamilton could have given him a bit more room but these guys are making decisions in less than a second. MAx did go a tiny bit wider but he still turned in. It's the pinnacle of motorsport, I want to see racing like this(without such big impacts) but
  4. This was pretty tasty a Tomahawk I reverse seared it on the grill. Smoked with Oak for maybe 30 -40 mins at 110C toil internal temp was 49 then rested. Then seared on the Kamado at 450c Final internal temp was about 57c which is my temp for this cut. Next We have some beef short ribs again which I fucking love now. Smoked for 8 hours @ 120c again with oak And some spicy chicken wings for the vegans or whatever people are who don't eat red meat. I also did a lot
  5. So, are you saying shave the dogs legs prior to taking them for a walk in such heat?
  6. Well it's clear that the car is faster as opposed to Max having Hamiltons number. I wish they could have kept the pace differential as it was at the start of the season. It was so close. I think The Mercedes is faster this weekend though and if he can get Max into turn 1 then I think hell win comfortably.
  7. Aye but it's 28 here in Brighton tomorrow and 22 in the North.
  8. Made these the other day, smoked for 8 hours. Beef short ribs, getting used to the new grill but we're perfect
  9. relámpago blanco


    I don't mind getting a cold but I do mind spending months in hospital or dieing so that's fine by me.
  10. Well congrats, is it something you want to do? Do you have much experience?
  11. What? You've not even been there long. Do you work for the NHS?
  12. Whats a wrong with that? It's essentially a series of slides. Is it acceptable to say a deck of cards?
  13. That's great! I'm surprised they didn't just fob you off the the manufacturer like most would. Question. If I got a 5900X should I upgrade my PSU I have a TX750M. I've got a 3080. as well.
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