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Blair On The Toon


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If this has been posted by day shift can one the red names please delete. Blair bits in black bold


SPIN king Alastair Campbell today lifted the lid on Tony Blair's thoughts about the Newcastle United crisis.


The former Prime Minister is one of the club’s most famous fans having supported the team since he was a child growing up in the region.


Now his former right-hand man Campbell has revealed Mr Blair puts the blame for the current predicament of the club at the foot of owner Mike Ashley - and also the fans.


Blair’s former communications director made the comments today on Metro Radio’s breakfast show to host Tony Horne.


The DJ cheekily asked Campbell whether he would be able to put a good spin on current events at the club if he were employed by Mr Ashley.


He said: “Alastair, I mean you must with a wry smile look on at the fallen Toon giants and everything that’s gone on there. Could you do a job for Mike Ashley?”


But the former strategist, who will be taking part in this weekend’s Great North Run and raising money for Leukaemia Research, said improving the PR situation at the club was beyond even his abilities.


He said: “I think it would be hard. The thing about this whole thing that people go on about spin and communications, and all the rest of it, in the end it’s about trying to convey a reality.”


He then went on to say that he recently discussed the Newcastle situation with Blair who claimed the club was unlike any other.


He said: “Funnily enough I was talking to TB - Tony Blair, a while back and he said something really really, I thought insightful, about what’s gone on at Newcastle.


“He said the normal situation with the football club is that you have the guys on the board who do the money, you have the manager who runs the club - he runs the team, you have the players who play, and you have the fans who support the team.


“He said what’s gone on at Newcastle, is that the fans want to be the manager, the owner wants to be a fan, the players haven't got a manager, and the players don't quite know where they are. And I think that's a fair summation of a not very happy situation. Mind you they are doing OK at the moment.”



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