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  1. They played well, again. Style of play is pleasing on the eye but I'm not sure why they feel the need to go way overboard with the way they go on about it though. They'd struggle in the PL with that defence / centre mid.
  2. had he have went on to sign for us of course
  3. Holy shit that would have been amazing had that stood
  4. Chris Rigg on for them
  5. Howler from the Fulham defender
  6. Yeah, I was meaning relative to their league and position tbh, although we've fielded worse in the PL. Both PL teams through unscathed.
  7. I know they're going on about him on comms, but the Accrington keeper does look good.
  8. Nah, he scooped it through the defenders legs, really good. Looks like he's got a good connection to the new lad they've signed.
  9. Dr.Spaceman


    Good win for SA that. Should have turned the screw in the middle order but we were as weak as I've seen us for ages. Some really poor dismissals from Buttler and Ali.
  10. Dr.Spaceman


    We've got Willey in the middle
  11. Dr.Spaceman


    Olly Stone first ball makes it even better!
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