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  1. Dusan Vlahovic to score, Fiorentina to win - 2/1 They're playing second bottom Venezia tonight.
  2. anyone surprised needs theor head checking
  3. He's an absolute shit house if he's kicked off about that
  4. I only found out around 1pm, speaking to a bloke in the toilets who'd travelled from Oxford just to see Ritson as well.
  5. So we kick off, giving them more ammo. Fans of other clubs will be loving it.
  6. Pretty much the same. Real shame we missed out on Ritson as that was the main reason a lot bought tickets in the first place. I thought the security was woeful, people standing where they shouldn't have been meaning others behind couldn't see - just glad we had good seats. Also the queues at the bar for a £7 pint of piss was an absolute joke. I genuinely stood for half an hour behind 4 people before I was served. Loads of posers around where we were sitting, just behind Savannah Marshall's parents.
  7. Tielemans finish was sublime.
  8. Stuck a fiver on Emery, fuck it. Decent odds for him at this stage.
  9. Fine by me, as long as the players are better than the likes of Shelvey and Murphy
  10. Just been diagnosed with cancer
  11. There is literally nobody there to make the decision, I believe that's the issue. Once we have a DoF, Sporting Director or whatever on board I think we'll see things move pretty quickly. No point in bring Lampard or whoever in if the Director fucking despises them or they have totally different ideas.
  12. Demo version has always been like that. Konamilogic. 45 mins was all it took for me to be done with it. Hope it's better on release and subsequently made better throughout the cycle, but not holding any hopes. Genuinely can't believe how bad it is.
  13. How do you cancel your direct debit for that fan scheme thing?
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