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  1. Disagree that signing Willock means we'd be standing still tbh. We only signed him in January last season and this time round he's not going to need a great deal of time to settle in. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9799469/Chelseas-Conor-Gallagher-set-leave-loan-Crystal-Palace-Newcastle-leading-chase.html
  2. Willock, Lemina and Gallagher would improve us immeasurably.
  3. Dr.Spaceman

    Cricket 2.0

    Durham are winning.
  4. I'm in favour of anything that makes Bruce look like a whopper at this stage. If he's begged for Lemina and he turns out to be shite then I can't see MA being too pleased with that.
  5. You've already decided that it's going to be shit? Are you for real
  6. There's a lot more wrong with the game than just the ML regens!
  7. Dr.Spaceman

    Cricket 2.0

    It's a massive load of shite that I cannot see catching on at all. I despise the fact that there's no British coaches involved.
  8. Imagine sitting on your £2,500 desktop PC playing against somebody on the 58 going round Leam Lane. Fingers crossed it's some sort of revolutionary tech, otherwise it's going to be a nightmare trying to find a decent game online. Hopefully you can exclude certain types of connections / turn off the cross play altogether.
  9. So they've totally dropped the PES bit from the name and it's literally now just 'eFootball'.
  10. Dr.Spaceman

    Formula 1

    it's every single time without fail now isn't it
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