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Burying bad news (Spurs style)

Liam Liam Liam O

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Hughes gets sacked by Man City which will dominate the press for the week and so...........



Club Announcement

19 December 2009

The following statement has today (Saturday) been issued by solicitors, BCL Burton Copeland, acting for Manager, Harry Redknapp:


"Harry Redknapp is extremely surprised and disappointed to have been informed that HMRC intend to institute proceedings against him in the week commencing 11 January 2010. We believe that the decision to commence proceedings will, in due course, be shown to have been totally misconceived."


The Club considers this matter to be a private, tax issue which pre-dates Harry's employment with the Club and which is not related to football matters. His position remains unaffected and he has the full support of the Club.



Wonder what they'll do if he's found guilty?

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'Arry Redknapp, Al Capone, peas in a pod really...


Maybe Cap'n Bob Maxwell.


Indeed although can't see ol' floppy chops lobbing himself off the back of one of the boats of his flotilla moored off Sandbanks.

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I am sensing a fiddle with these Christmas fines:


Independent: Approx £32K in fines (£2K per player)

Sun: £80K in fines (£5K per player)

Guardian: No fines but players make a £300K donation to charity

Mirror: £320K charity donation (£20K per player)

Daily Star: Players make a donation that could amount to £1 million


HR could get some of the glum f***s to make the cheques payable to HMR & then add "evenue & Customs only" later.

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Innocent till proven guilty.


Though i can't say i'm surprised it's not the first time he has been investigated for doing dodgy stuff.


The innocent until proven guilty principle is for the courts -- that the burden of proof is on the prosecution -- not for fans of other football clubs. As far as I'm concerned, he's as guilty as the Yorkshire Ripper.

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Definately my most hated person in football. Since he took over Spurs they've quickly become the team (along with Liverpool) that I despise the most. I hate the fact that all the cockney press treat him like some lovable cheeky chappy.


So pleased he never took the job here.

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