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Home-Grown Rule


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I've been thinking about this and do you think this rule makes player poaching worse?

Do you think we shouldn't have this rule at all and just the spending caps or Financial Fair Play rules?


Seems a bit silly coming from an Arsenal fan since we're as bad as anybody for it.

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Yeah I don't think it solves anything personally.


All it has done is encourage the buying/taking of foreign players at a much younger age which helps nobody, and radically inflated the price of the limited 'proper' homegrown youngsters coming through.

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doesn't achieve anything useful, on the young players your correct it just means more player poaching while it also means that at the big clubs that can afford it there will be a hoarding of players u21 because they don't need to be registered whereas before they might have got sent on loan somewhere or not bought at all.

Also puts a ridiculous premium on English players in transfers

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