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Bournemouth Chairman offers fans out.


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Remember watching the documentary at the time, was brilliant.






Two weeks ago we were wondering what former Leyton Orient joint-boss John Sitton, of Orient: Club for a Fiver fame, was up to now. It took a little bit of hunting, but the Knowledge finally tracked him down ...


Sadly, and despite online petitions, Sitton is once again out of football after a brief stint as head coach of Leyton FC at the beginning of this season. "It was the second time I had been there, and basically it was a case of going back by popular demand among the players and coaches," says Sitton. "But it was short-lived: the chairman dragged me into his room after four games, of which we had won three and drawn one, and I just thought 'if it's going to be like this then it's best to walk away now on good terms'."


Instead, Sitton is now self-employed as a black cab driver and also works part-time for the Press Association compiling statistics for the Opta Index. He has had just three jobs in football since leaving Leyton Orient - with Leyton, Enfield, and Leyton again, and admits he was stunned at how quickly football turned its back on him after the documentary. "I made in excess of 60 applications for different jobs, all unsuccessful and by the end I was very bitter, twisted and disillusioned," he adds. "But I got caught out using the kind of language that is now accepted everywhere and which has earned Gordon Ramsay an eight-figure sum.


"What's upsetting is that other people say racist things and yet I see their careers go very well - Ron Atkinson is on TV every week telling some manager how to run their team; others take bungs, which I always avoided, and succeed just as well. What did I do? I screamed at a bunch of what I felt were overpaid underachievers."


Sitton does regret losing his cool, saying he was "embarrassed" for his family when the footage came out, and attributing his lapse in part to the greater difficulties of a club where financial hardship had left him filling several roles. But for all the grief that football has given him, it is clear Sitton still longs for what he has lost. "Football is a filthy profession, swimming in filth; who would want to be a part of it?" he protests at one point, but just moments later the guard falls. "It still hurts," he confesses when asked if he misses the game. "My missus keeps saying to me she's still waiting for me to be happy. She does everything for me to be happy, but it's still not there. You never stop missing that rush."

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