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new sky fixtures

ujpest doza

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hmmm.  I know many will be fucked off with these changes, but I'm happy.  A bunch of people I worked with in the USA the past 2 summers and I are spending New Year in a massive house in Barnard Castle until the 2nd.  The Liverpool game is an excuse to find a local pub to watch it and get pissed together.  Then I was intending to take a girl thats staying with me after that to the Man Utd game.  Moving it to the 4th means we don't have to rush back from Barney for it.

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Can't help but feel that the extra 3 days break between the Liverpool and Man United fixtures are going to be great for the squads fitness/injuries.


Also , will be great for players morale that they are at home for new years.


Cheers Magedia Sky.

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