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Pav's contract extended?


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Under the NUFC world video clip on the official site in says in the tag line it says he has had his contract renewed. Anyone got anymore info?


I think he is signing on as a coach so will be like Geordie was last season.

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Must have forgot about that Krul fella then.




i want him to play as much as he can,he is Fantastic.


but glenn said he will propbly loan him to another club to gain experince


though i've been watching Krul since the day he moved to us,and trust me he got it all

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Guest TheOrder

after the palermo game..


Don't lie. Krul isn't going out on loan.



Roeder revealed that the plan for Krul was to send him out on loan - "and we may still do that". He explained: "I thought his debut was 18 months to two years away. He's had a night to remember."





We'll see.



I think we'll think more than twice about letting ANY of our players go, given our injury jinx.



Well, maybe Luque.

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