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Funny relegation story - supporter gets jailed?


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Do people remember a story from around 2009 when a Newcastle supporter was sick and tired of the situation. Don't remember the details but he sort of wanted to get taken by the police instead of having to watch the meltdowns of the team. Maybe it was something about him being in court and complaing about how he could not take it anymore.


Have been trying to find more about this for a while but no luck. Anyone here who remember this funny story?

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I've never heard this one, but there was a story I heard on the 3 Legends that Bernie read out where one of their players were swapped.


I can't remember which player but I think he was an Eastern European defender. Apparently he was really good for them but went away back to his own country (maybe for an international break or something) and when he came back he was utter shit. The theory went that the original player had been replaced with a lookalike who didn't have the same footballing ability.


Whilst we are collectively thinking about the answer for the OP's question, does anyone remember this 3 Legends story and which player it was?


EDIT: This was about 10-15 years ago.



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